Movember gets a little gay

I’ve never officially participated in Movember — the annual month-long event to draw attention to men’s health, that entails growing out a moustache all month long while raising money for charity — because, as you can see, I do not really need to grow out a ‘stache, as I’ve been a burly beardy since my 20s. But I believe in the cause, and wanted to give some props to other gays who bothered to go hirsute for loot.

Here are some of the locals who allowed their upper lip to shout “’70s porn actor” rather than shave for a month. You can even still contribute to each of them — the event continues through Nov. 30. You can probably expect some to razor off the ol’ pushbroom after that. Me? I’m sticking with it. At least until the next time I slip and take out a chunk and have to start over … which, to be honest, is a few times a year.

Hey, having facial hair doesn’t make you coordinated.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones