DART's attorneys weren't the only ones in on the secret plot to gut LGBT protections

The Dallas Morning News has a story up at the very top of its website about Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s decision to gut proposed protections for transgender employees. (I just retrieved my hard copy from the driveway, and the story also appears on the front page of the Metro section.)

I could go on and on about how the DMN story gives zero credit to the Voice — which uncovered DART’s diabolical plan and broke this story exclusively over the last two days — but I won’t. I could talk about about how I’m not some fancy lawyer like DMN reporter Michael Lindenberger, who also happens to be gay, and about how I didn’t need a stinkin’ law degree to read the proposed policy and figure out what DART was trying to do. And I could point out that Lindenberger, a professional transportationologist who covers agencies like DART for a living, didn’t even attend Tuesday’s DART board meeting as far as I know. I could even accuse The DMN of pandering to the LGBT community in response to a meeting last week between editors and gay leaders who demanded that the newspaper do a better job of covering our issues. But I won’t. Starting after the jump, I’ll stick to the findings of Lindenberger’s story, which is actually half decent.

—  John Wright