Michael Urie opens ‘Buyer & Cellar’ tomorrow night

Even though he trained in theater here in North Texas, Wednesday night will be something special: the professional Dallas stage debut of Michael Urie, in his one-man show Buyer & Cellar. Urie recreated his starring role in the off-Broadway hit — about a man who curates Barbra Streisand’s memorabilia mall — with a handful of performances at the City Performance Hall. Welcome home, Michael! We look forward to enjoying you again … for the first time.

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—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Dallas International Film Fest gets really gay — including me on the dais

HWMFTY_Halley Feiffer - Times Square

The Dallas International Film Festival continues today (and through Sunday), following a spate of uber-gay films for the past few days, including Ash Christian’s Petunia and Michael Urie’s He’s Way More Famous Than You, pictured, just last night. Tonight gets even gayer — though they are mostly competing with each other. You can start with Laurence Anyways at 1 p.m., a sort of Wuthering Heights with a trans character, then you can hop over to Urie’s Famous at 4 p.m. Then it starts to get messy.

The screening of C.O.G., based on the writing of David Sedaris, starts at 7 p.m.; at the same time, Cry screens, with local actors like Denise Lee and honorary Dallasite Del Shores featured; then God Loves Uganda, a documentary about all the anti-gay legislation (promoted by American fundamentalists) in the African nation at 7:15 p.m. All are worth a look, but you’ll have to pick!

And you can learn even more about two more movies just before 7. From about 6 to 7 p.m., I’ll be interviewing the filmmakers with two of the hotly discussed films at this year’s fest: The Dirties and Diving Normal. Best of all? Neither film screens until 10 p.m., so you can attend the interviews (conducted on the stage outside the Magnolia Theater in the West Village, between it and Mi Cocina), see one of the 7 p.m. films and then make one of the others.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Starvoice • 08.05.11

By Jack Fertig


Michael Urie turns 30 on Monday. The actor became a hallmark queer TV character as Mark St. James in Ugly Betty. The Plano High School and Julliard grad has kept up his theater roots. He received the Lucille Lortel Award for lead actor as Mattachine Society founder Rudi Gernreich in The Temperamentals.



The sun makes hard aspects to Uranus and Pluto, bringing ego and power-struggles to a dangerous head; but Sol moves quickly into a grand trine with Eris and the North Node, offering routes to reconciliation.


LEO Jul 23-Aug 22
A few well-chosen words stimulate discussions you’ll learn a lot from. Opening up to challenging new ideas can dramatically change the ways you work and play.

VIRGO Aug 23-Sep 22
Creative angst is a good thing. You are trying too hard for something entirely new and different. Go back to your roots and see what neglected treasures inspire you to innovation.

LIBRA Sep 23-Oct 22
Friendly advice about your home and relationship is malicious japery, but is there anything in it? Whatever the source, dissect it for seeds of truth and opportunities for self-improvement.

SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 21
Speaking out of turn at work ruffles feathers. Open up new ideas. Irritating (or irritated) as your boss may be, keep calm, respectful and focused on your company’s success.

Your impulses for adventure tests your rresourcefulness. You’re clever enough to do what’s necessary more economically than it first appears. Trust your instincts and go it alone if you have to.

CAPRICORN Dec 21-Jan 19
If parental voices chime in at the worst times, relax. Take time to meditate and listen to those voices, if only to get where they’re coming from, to talk back and dismiss them.

AQUARIUS Jan 20-Feb 18
It’s no news that your mouth makes trouble. Just keep your brain ahead of it and do not reveal your partner’s secrets. Thinking ahead is what you do best. Apply that foresight in the present.

PISCES Feb 19-Mar 19
Worries about health and money are exaggerated. The future looks tough for everyone, but don’t let your imagination make it worse. You can still thrive. Hard work is the answer, but don’t burn out. Set a goal and do your best.

ARIES Mar 20-Apr 19
What you think is brilliant and clever is threatening to authorities. Think ahead: What battles can you win? Who are your real friends? What do you need to learn to succeed?

TAURUS Apr 20-May 20
Fights at home are displaced frustration. Be careful not to say something you’ll regret later. Whether to head off the fight or to heal the wounds, open up to your partner about your anxieties.

GEMINI May 21-Jun 20
Dare to be shocking and bold, but don’t be surprised if you scare off friends. Are you stronger with fewer friends who agree with you or more friends with more diverse thoughts?

CANCER Jun 21-Jul 22
Feeling underappreciated is more about you misunderstanding what your virtues really are. Job reviews and criticism from your partner hurt, but take them as cues to clarify your strengths.

Jack Fertig can be reached at 415-864-8302 or Starjack.com

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 5, 2011.

—  Kevin Thomas