Fort Worth's Q Cinema kicks off tonight


In tomorrow’s print edition, we have lots of coverage of the Q Cinema gay film fest in Fort Worth this weekend. But the festival actually kicks off tonight with “Violet Tendencies.”

In this romantic comedy, Facts of Life star Mindy Cohn plays Violet, who wants love but hangs out mostly with gorgeous gay men. It opens at the Rose Marine Theatre (screening starts at 7:30 p.m.), but there’s also an opening night party at the Rainbow Lounge, with co-star Jesse Archer in attendance.skachat-point-blank.ruреклама на discovery

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

'Facts of Life's' Mindy Cohn stars as 'oldest living fag hag' in new film

Just saw this trailer for Violet Tendencies, the newest film from director Casper Andreas. You might know him as the director of such films as Slutty Summer, A Four Letter Word and last year’s The Big Gay Musical. This time around, Andreas gives Mindy Cohn (mostly remembered as Natalie in The Facts of Life) the starring role as Violet, a woman who realizes she spends too much time with too many gay men. And that may just impede on her finding her own man. The film is now in post-production but the trailer was released earlier this week.

I’m kinda digging the trailer. It’s a little hetero rom-com meets gay indie and it could be a good combination. Plus, it doesn’t look like a stretch to see Violet as just a grown up version of Natalie, who was always my personal favorite.

According to the movie’s Facebook page, the film will start making the festival circuit soon.статистика запросов яндекс по словам

—  Rich Lopez