Working on Ann Richards documentary became a passion for director

Keith Patterson wasn’t from Texas and hadn’t even spent much time here. Then while living in Los Angeles, a friend said he wanted to do a documentary about Ann Richards. Patterson was familiar with — even a fan of — the late Texas governor, “so I came on board” in late 2010, he says.

The following 20 months, however, have been a journey for the gay filmmaker, who ended up co-directing Ann Richards’ Texas, the documentary that kicks off Dallas VideoFest 25 at the Dallas Museum of Art Thursday night.

“We came to Texas for a year: Austin first, but we ended up everywhere,” he says on the phone from New York, a few hours before his planned arrival in Dallas to attend the festival. “I even have a place in Houston [still].”

Working on the documentary quickly became a passion for Patterson.

“I loved her,” he says. “You can’t get any larger than a Texas politician. That’s why The Best Little Whorehouse is so good — it captures the politics. That song where the governor talks about sidestepping [every issue]? That was [the governorship]. When Ann got in there and started passing a lot of reforms, she shook everything up.”

Richards had help from some powerful friends, including lesbian power couple Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner, who met and befriended Richards early in her political career. “They were friends from the 1980s when she ran for treasurer and helped write the comedy for Ann’s [historic 1988 Democratic National Conventional] keynote address,” Patterson says. “That’s when she met Dolly [Parton], too. I think Ann was a county commissioner when Dolly was [in Texas] shooting Whorehouse.”

Tomlin, Parton and a host of other celebs offer their voices to the documentary. It wasn’t difficult finding people anxious to talk on the record about the flamboyant Texas pol.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Kathleen Turner as Molly Ivins in Philly


The current issue of Philadelphia Gay News has an interview with Kathleen Turner about her upcoming turn as Texas icon Molly Ivins in Philadelphia Theatre Company’s world premiere of “Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins.”

You can read the interview for yourself here.

In the interview, Turner talks about having known Ivins personally and says that she wanted to honor the fiery liberal columnist who died in 2007 of breast cancer. She says she met Ivins through her (Turner’s) work with People for the American Way, but that she got to know Ivins “because [former Texas Gov. Ann Richards used to live in my building. I would meet those ladies in the lobby and they would drag me up to their apartment and tell me stories.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can think of few things more entertaining than sitting around with Kathleen Turner and listening to Molly Ivins and Ann Richards tell stories!

Unfortunately, there are no plans at this time for Turner to perform the show here in Ivins’ home state. Maybe we can launch a letter-writing campaign and get her to come to Dallas or Fort Worth and do the show? What do you think?гугл аналитиксразмещение баннерной рекламы

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