Compete in Movember moustache contest!

dali_pma_05_17You might think  changing the name of November to Movember was a gay thing — and while lots of ‘mos have ‘mos (i.e., moustaches), the chance to earn money by growing some facial hair crosses lines of sexual identity. The idea is simple: Mo Bros (and allied Mo Sistas) start with a clean-shaven face. Then throughout the month, they add on facial hair, seeking out sponsors to raise money for men’s health issues (especially prostate cancer research). Last year, $147 million worldwide was raised through the Movember campaign.

Including some folks via Last year, yours truly, Alex Young, Richard Neal and Cory Smith all shaved and regrew their beards for money. And you can do the same. In fact, we’re gonna have a bit of a contest. Between now and Nov. 5, take a selfie of your hairless face, and email it to me at Sign up for Movember here. Then, between Nov. 21 and Nov. Nov. 26, email me back your photo with your moustache, chin strap, monkey tail, soul patch, Fu Manchu, Van Dyke — whatever push broom you choose. We’ll post them all on Instant Tea, and the best one will have a contribution made to their Movember account by Dallas Voice. And feel free to keep sending me updated photos with a link to your Movember throughout the month, and we’ll do what we can to get the word out. (Even if you don’t compete, you can help get the word out, especially to your bear buddies — we’ll be posting links to individual Movember contribution pages starting next week.)

Plus, you can attend the Movember kick-off party at the Green Room tonight and other events throughout the month (culminating in a party at Hotel ZaZa on Dec 5). C’mon — be a grower and a shower!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

November: Grow a ‘stache, save a testicle

Push broom. Lip warmer. Crumb catcher.

The mustache goes by many nicknames, but during the month of November, it’s also a sign of support for men’s health.

“Movember USA” is a group that helps raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, such as testicular and prostate cancer, by sponsoring a sort of “‘Stache for Cash” fundraiser. Men — and, ya know, I guess women, if they’re from central Europe — dedicate to spend the month of November growing out their lady ticklers (bad example!) to raise money for research.

Now, I’ve had a beard or mustache pretty much continuously since 1994, and went back and forth throughout high school, college and law school at that, so it was hard for me to start a mustache anew — but I did. On Halloween, I shaved clean and started fresh on Nov. 1. I’ve trimmed a little around the neck (and actually did more than I should have just before Black Tie), but I’m committed to letting it get as bushy as it needs to by Nov. 30. Then I’ll … well, probably just keep it.

Anyway, if you want to join, or just get hairy for the coming cold weather, visit to sign up or contribute. And I’ll see you at the reunion of 1970s porn stars and Magnum, P.I. lookalikes.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

The guy would be a lot more convincing of a homophobe without the Freddie Mercury moustache

Just sayin’….


—  John Wright