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This week we talked about the Dallas County Commissioners Court’s upcoming vote on transgender protections; Commissioner Maurine Dickey and Dickey’s Barbecue Pit; the Texas A&M Student Senate’s anti-gay vote this week; the controversial decision to charge admission for the Festival in Lee Park; Ricky Martin’s show in Dallas last night; and more.

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—  John Wright

Is local out musician Sonya Jevette going biker chick on us?

Local musician Sonya Jevette just posted a reminder to check her out on Internet radio station Biker.FM today at 5:30 p.m. And yes, it is a station devoted to motorcycle culture. She’ll be featured on Lil Bill and the Gang’s show. After her radio stint today, according to her site, she performs tomorrow night at Reno’s Chop Shop in Deep Ellum. Reno’s is known mostly as a biker hangout and heavy metal music venue (and serves some strong-ass drinks, if I may add).

So, is the indie soul rocker changing sounds? Despite her song, “I’m Not Tracy” (which is a free download on her MySpace page), she does run in that Tracy Chapman/neo-soul vein. And wonderfully so, I might add. But her latest YouTube video, “Stormy Monday” shows her more bluesy side. Here, she sounds a bit harder and grittier here than she’s ever had before.

Maybe she’s in that reinvention phase. Musicians do that, ya gameновые ниши в бизнесе

—  Rich Lopez

Rob Halford offers free song download

Rob Halford's band, um, Halford, brings a hard rockin' Christmas this season.
Rob Halford’s band, um, Halford, brings a hard rockin’ Christmas this season.

This week I reviewed Halford’s holiday CD, Winter Songs. If you’re not sure about mixing heavy metal and Christmas carols but curious, click here for a free download of “Christmas For Everyone.” It’s  a fun song, actually, that’s less carol and more pop-rock.

Hard to believe from a heavy metal god, huh?

I also had a very pleasant phone converation with the out singer talking about the new album and his coming out experience 10 years ago. We’ll have that for ya in the new few weeks in the paper.продвижение сайтов и интернет реклама

—  Rich Lopez

Whitney Houston previews new album with free song download starting today

Whitney Houston gives us good love today with some good news. The date for her anticipated new release (and comeback?), “I Look To You,” has been moved up to August 31. But more importantly, she’s giving the title track away starting today on her site. Head here for the free download. How snazzy is that?

UPDATE: Just finished listening to the song. Not bad. She still has the chops and knows her strength will shine in those signature ballads of hers. Sure to be popular among drag queens for the fall season.обособленное несогласованное определение этокак продвигать продажи

—  Rich Lopez

Amazon offers free Jay Brannan song today

The number one song today over at Amazon’s Top MP3 list is Jay Brannan‘s “At First Sight” which you can download for free by clicking on the pic. Although you might know him from his “Star-Spangled Banner” rendition in the movie “Shortbus” or his exquisite ballad, “Housewife,” download this as a small preview for his upcoming show on Sunday at The Loft.

Jay Brannan
Jay Brannan

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—  Rich Lopez