Zookeeper drops trou for tigers

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I’m not one to tell another professional how to do his job, but I am both appalled and titillated by Grant Kother, a zookeeper in London.

Kother is trying to raise awareness about the plight on Sumatran tigers, and since in August there will actually be a “naked race” to benefit the large cats (called “Streak for Tigers”), what better way, he thought, to drop trou on the job.

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 11.56.51 AMAll of which is fine and good. (I think he’s grrrreat!) Except that … damn! He’s a zookeeper! These are wild animals with sharp claws and teeth who might perceive a naked man as, if not a threat, then at least a meal.

Still, I applaud Kother — of course for his interest in preserving wildlife. Of course in his dedication to a noble cause. But also, let’s face it, for his exercise regimen. If I had glutes like that, I’d probably go naked at work, too. That I don’t must be a relief to all of my co-workers.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: Mario Lopez runs around in a Speedo to settle Super Bowl bet

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Mayors of competing cities in the Super Bowl always bet things like a pound of Maryland crabs versus a loaf of San Francisco sourdough. But those bets bore me. Now this is the kind of bet I can get behind: Mario Lopez wagering his Extra colleague that if the Ravens won, he’d streak around their outdoor studio space wearing a Ravens helmet. And he lost. And owed up.

Sort of. Lopez didn’t get naked, but when you have a body like his, a Speedo is good enough. Watch the video after the jump.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

What’s Shakin’ – ‘Our Time in Eden’ at EVO Lounge, voter turnout still weak

Our Time in Eden

It's Ava and Eve, not Adam and Eve.

1. Say “Garden of Eden” and most people will conjure an image of a naked (white) man and woman frolicking in a surprisingly well-tended arboretum,  but the people at Ultraviolet Productions envision an Eden where the strict binary of Adam and Eve is smeared across a blazing tableau of gender, sexuality and race. “Our Time in Eden,” a variety/drag show exploring what paradise means in a world free of labels, struts the stage tonight at 8 pm at EVO Lounge, 2707 Milam.  For a $5 cover you can check out the best drag kings, queens and gender performance artists Houston has to offer.

2. Early voting in Harris County continues through Nov 3 at all early voting locations. Voter turnout continues to be low. On Tuesday, 2,599 people voted in person, versus 4,206 who voted on the second day of early voting during the last municipal election in 2009.  Overall, there’s been a 24% decrease in voter turnout from 2009.  The upshot of which is that each vote is 24% more powerful. So grab three friends and get to the polls, together the four of you almost get an extra vote.

3. Rev. Pat “God-sends-hurricanes-to-punish-gay-people” Robinson, founder of the Christian Coalition and former Republican Presidential hopeful, warned his 700 Club audience that pushing the current crop of GOP frontrunners too far to the extreme right will hurt their chances in the 2012 general election. When the man who said that the Haiti earthquake was caused because the nation made a pact with the devil thinks you’ve gotten too extreme that’s saying something!  Right Wing Watch has more.

—  admin

‘Hold Your Peace’ Dallas premiere tonight at Angelika

Free movie? Yes, please

When Southern Methodist University alum Wade McDonald set out to make his debut feature film, the one thing he didn’t want to do was make a “typical” gay film: No naked boys as the selling point, no ridiculous gay-angst drama, no coming-out story. McDonald loves romantic comedies and wanted to make his own — just with men.

His plan worked. The result, Hold Your Peace, seems to have resonated with audiences.

Read the entire article here.

DEETS: Angelika Film Center, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane. Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. Free (passes at Buli or Skivvies). HoldYourPeaceMovie.com.

—  Rich Lopez

What It Took To Get Davey Wavey To Go Naked In Palm Springs

"I think that gay men make nudity really sexual, and really cruise-y." Wise words of advice from Davey Wavey, who's enjoying some leisure time at a clothing-optional resort in Palm Springs, and has clearly devoted some deep thoughts to what it means to be naked, in public, around other gay men. "Nudism is about not objectifying the human body, but I think that gay nudity is the exact opposite." Cue Davey finally stripping down.

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—  David Taffet

Which Actor, Who Played a Bullied Kid, Confessed to Hazing A Group Of Naked Younger Guys?

BLIND ITEMS — "This actor just barely out of his teens, recently confessed to a friend that he did something he regrets terribly when he was younger. Several years ago he claims he was allegedly part of hazing a group of younger guys, and the hazing went too far. He didn’t say exactly what they did, only that the boys were naked and humiliated. The boys who were the victims never pressed charges, but to this day the young actor feels guilty about it. It might not seem that salacious, but in the show this star acted in, he played a child getting bullied." [BuzzFoto]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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—  admin

It’s Problematic If You Don’t Know Who’s Naked By Now

With all the markings of an Andy Samberg digital short, "Guess Who's Naked" is the work of Alex (naked guy), Spencer (friend in bed) and Kyle (general inspiration), some Berklee College of Music types with a Flip Cam and willingness to titillate the gays.


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—  John Wright

And now for something entirely different …

Drinking Boys, by DJ Ozma

—  admin

Cowboys run amok!

I just got an e-mail from Rex Wockner with a link to this video of a local newscast in Wilton, Calif., where apparently the town is in an uproar over a party hosted by the Capitol Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association.

From what the TV news report says, the group rented some property and held a dance that featured men dancing around in cowboy hats and western chaps showing their “bare buns and frontal regions.”

A guy named Monty Stanley, who lives across the street, was outraged y the sight of the men “dancing under the stars” and by the fact that these men were, he said, dancing in full view of his children and their friends. And it’s just not right to subject children to the sight of men and men, or women and women — or even men and women! — dancing around together naked.

From what the reporter says, the gay cowboys group did not return repeated calls seeking comment.

—  admin