Survivor: Nicaragua’s Shannon Elkins Was Just ‘Protecting My Butthole’ From Sash

I’m not a homophobe and I’m not a sexist. … As far as the gay bashing, I didn’t bash any gays. I didn’t say, ‘I hate gays.’ I didn’t say, ‘Gays are stupid.’ I stereotype, my brother. It’s like the show ‘Waterboy,’ people think we [people in Louisiana] ride airboats to work, we have no teeth, and we wrestle alligators for a living. Well people from Louisiana think people from New York are either in the mob or gay. I stereotype like everybody else stereotypes. … I was concerned that he was gay and I was protecting my butthole. … I don’t have to ask Sash if he’s gay. Look at the kid, he’s gay. He kept on and on telling me I was a liar. He should have kept his mouth shut and he wouldn’t have been called out in front of America.

Survivor: Nicaragua's Shannon Elkins, the self-professed non-bigot who's approaching his fame clock of 14:58, on his real fear of tribemate Sash, who he tried outing during Tribal Council


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—  John Wright