NOH8 shoot is Saturday in Dallas

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NOH8 Photographer Adam Bouska will be in Dallas, camera at the ready, to give North Texans another chance to add their faces to the fight for equal rights.

Bouska will be conducting photo shoots as part of his ongoing NOH8 Worldwide campaign Saturday, March 14, from 2-5 p.m. at Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, 14115 Hillcrest Road in Dallas. No reservations are needed.

Cost is $40 for solo photos, and $25 per person for couple or group photos, cash and credit cards only. Fees cover services and the cost of one edited digital print, made available via The cost does not include a physical print.

Those having their photos taken are asked to “come camera ready, wear a white short, post and make a statement.”

Bouska will shoot about 5-10 frames per person. One frame will be selected/edited by our team and made available within approximately eight weeks (although that timeline is subject to change).

Volunteers are also needed to help out with the shoot, and anyone who wants to volunteer should email with contact information. Be sure to note that you want to help with the Dallas shoot.

Money raised by the NOH8 Campaign is used to continue promoting and raising awareness for marriage and human equality as well as anti-discrimination and anti-bullying through NOH8’s interactive social media campaign. The NOH8 Campaign is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.

—  Tammye Nash

Which picture makes openly straight City Councilman Philip Kingston look more gay?

In which picture does openly straight Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston look more gay? In his Black Tie picture with City Council partner Adam Medrano or in his NOH8 picture with City Council partner Adam Medrano? Philip’s wife Melissa wants to know.

Philip sent me the first two pictures posing Melissa’s question. I’ve added two more, just to throw fuel on the fire: In his Cedar Springs picture at the opening of Out of the Closet with City Council partner Adam Medrano or in his Pooch Parade picture with city council partner Adam Medrano?

Philip & Adam Black Tie

Philip & Adam at Black Tie Dinner

Philip & Adam NOH8

Philip & Adam at NOH8

Philip & Adam Cedar Springs

Adam & Philip at Out of the Closet opening on Cedar Springs with an elegantly attired sister

Philip & Adam Pooch Parade

Adam & Philip judging the Pooch Parade in Lee Park

—  David Taffet

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words

2Craig Watkins NOH8It’s not always easy to hold elected officials accountable, but when they take part in a campaign as public and identifiable as NOH8, the job gets easier. Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins was one of the hundreds who had his picture taken at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration earlier this year, along with Dallas City Councilmen Adam Medrano and Philip Kingston.

The iconic NOH8 logo placed on Watkins’ cheek goes along with his establishment of an LGBT Task Force in February. He said that after meeting with members of the community, he “was disappointed to hear that many victims of domestic violence or hate crimes were afraid to speak out because they feared lack of a law enforcement response.”

The NOH8 stamped on Watkins’ cheek will remind him and the community of the commitment he’s made to eliminate bias and discrimination. For all the people, LGBT and others, who haven’t always been treated fairly by the legal and law enforcement systems, this is the image we can hold up to Watkins as a reminder of his promise that, at least in his office, justice is blind.

—  Steve Ramos

Kingston and Medrano official NOH8 pics

13958Adam Bouska was in town  Jan. 29 to take pics for the NOH8 campaign. Two of the no-haters were Oak Lawn’s city council members Philip Kingston and Adam Medrano.

Philip sent over two of the pics for me to share.

Along with councilman Scott Griggs, Kingston and Medrano wore NOH8 t-shirts to a city council meeting when an equality resolution was debated.

Is it me, or is it good to see politicians with duct tape across their mouths?


—  David Taffet

Dallas Councilmen Adam Medrano, Philip Kingston to take NOH8 photos

photoTwo LGBT allies on the Dallas City Council will be among the hundreds of people to participate in the NOH8 Campaign’s Dallas photo shoot this evening.

Adam Medrano, chair for the city’s LGBT Task Force, and Philip Kingston, who both represent parts of Oak Lawn in two of Dallas’ most heavily LGBT districts, will pose in white shirts and duct tape.

Medrano’s spokeswoman Monica Huerta said he decided to take one of the iconic photos “because discrimination in any form is still inequality. Mr. Medrano agrees with the ideals of the N0H8 campaign and proudly supports the LGBT Dallas Community.”

NOH8 Campaign raises money for marriage equality and other LGBT issues like nondiscrimination.

After inquiring if Mayor Mike Rawlings plans to take a NOH8 photo, spokesman Samuel Merten said Rawlings is “out of town on personal business, so he is unable to participate.”

When asked if Rawlings would participate another time if he could, Merten said “I don’t know if he has ever thought about participating.”

Rawlings famously refused to sign a pledge for “Mayors for the Freedom to Marry” in 2012 and even interfered in preventing a marriage equality resolution from going before the council because he disagreed with the city discussing the issue. But he has said he personally supports marriage equality.

Dallas City Council is still considering a marriage equality resolution, which is expected to come before the council in coming months, as well as a broader statement of the council’s support for LGBT issues.

The event is 5:30-8:30 p.m. tonight at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, located at 14115 Hillcrest Road.

—  Dallasvoice

Texas Rangers pitcher Robbie Ross and wife pose for NOH8 photo


Texas Rangers pitcher Robbie Ross and his wife, Brittany, both Christians, posed for a NOH8 photo to speak out about how their support for LGBT people is part of their faith.

Ross wore a bracelet that said, “In Jesus name I play,” and showed off two tattoos with Bible verses Mark 9:23and James 4:10.

Ross told Outsports he and his wife wanted to how that they as Christians support the fight for LGBT equality and wanted the picture to portray that.

“Being in sports, and being around all kinds of different people, you just want to accept everyone for who they are,” Robbie told Outsports. “My wife Brittany and I are Christians, and we believe we as Christians should love everyone and show everyone love, and if this is the best way to do it, then we want to support them.”

“It genuinely breaks my heart,” Brittany said. “We’re all human, and we can all take things from the Bible and twist them however we want. You can basically take a verse from the Bible and say it’s OK to beat your wife, but the world says that’s not OK, so that’s what we go with. And I think the world is saying that gay people in the community are OK. Jesus came to love people. He never persecuted anybody. There are a lot of confusing things in the Bible, and I think if anything is confusing and it promotes hate, then you’re taking it the wrong way.

“Being gay shouldn’t just be tolerated, it should be celebrated that people can embody who they truly are,” Brittany added. “I think that’s the main thing.”

The Texas Rangers haven’t always been supportive. A homophobic tweet last year sparked controversy. Before that, the team was supposedly going to shoot an “It Gets Better” video for LGBT youth, but ended up making an anti-bullying PSA without mentioning LGBT issues.

—  Dallasvoice

Veasey does NOH8 shoot; Hall mistakenly attends gay event

Rep. Marc Veasey, left

Rep. Marc Veasey, left

While one North Texas congressman participated in a photo shoot supporting marriage equality last week, another recently attended a reception for an LGBT group — by mistake.

“This morning, I participated in a NOH8 Campaign photo shoot with over 60 members of Congress,” Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Fort Worth, wrote on his Facebook page on June 13. “As a member of the House LGBT Equality Caucus, I am proud to stand in support of marriage equality and equal rights for all Americans.”

He posted the photo above from tho shoot.

“Stay tuned for the official portrait,” he said.

—  David Taffet

HGG 2011 Gift-A-Day: “Benedetto Casanova: The Memoirs” offers sultry holiday reading


Let’s face it: As much as we all may look forward to the holidays for the time off, a lot of it is spent listening to your partner’s family tell you about that embarrassing moment from his childhood… for the 11th time. Or watching college bowl games between teams you’ve never heard of. Or seeing your nieces and nephews play with the Wii you secretly wanted. Why not give a gift you or your loved one can use immediately? A book is the perfect gift: It requires no plugs, makes no noise and because it is a gift you just got, you can justify sneaking off with it and not seem rude.

For sultry Christmastime reading, Benedetto Casanova: The Memoirs (as told to Martin Weber) may be the best choice. An historical novel about the alleged gay brother of the womanizing Casanova, it’s a homoerotic travelogue through the Renaissance with Benedetto’s escapades making for sizzling sex. And a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the NOH8 Campaign — indeed, NOH8 photog Adam Bouska designed the sexy cover. The book is priced at $19.69. Also comes in a Kindle version.

Available on and other online retailers.

—  Rich Lopez

Isiah Thomas and Son Pose for NOH8

Right as basketball legend Isiah Thomas returns to the New York Knicks as a part time consultant, he and his son Joshua Zeke Thomas posed for Adam Bouska’s NOH8 campaign to show their support for marriage equality.
Daily News

—  John Wright

I didn't vote for John McCain …

Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain

but I might be willing to vote for his wife Cindy McCain or their daughter Meghan McCain!

Politics Daily reported today that Cindy MCain, wife of the Republican from Arizona who lost the 2008 presidential race to Barack Obama, has joined the list of celebrities (and average folks) who have posed for Adam Bouska’s NoH8 photo collection (you know the ones, where the subjects have their mouths covered in silver duct tape and NOH8 painted on their cheek in red and black).

The “tattoo” is, of course, a reference to California’s Proposition 8, that ballot initiative passed by voters in November ’08 that repealed marriage equality for same-sex couples there, and participating in the ever-growing project is a sign of support for marriage equality. So, apparently Mrs. McCain disagrees with her husband on at least this one issue, and good for her!

Sen. McCain’s office has released a statement saying that he respects differences of opinion among his family members, but that he still “believes the sanctity of marriage is still defined as between one man and one woman.”

Well, there’s obviously a lot of differences of opinions in the family, because daughter Meghan McCain has been talking since the first of 2009 about the need for the Republican Party to move away from divisive social issues — like gay marriage and gay rights in general — and away from hateful extremists like Ann Coulter. Meghan, in fact, has been quite vocal about her own support for gay marriage (and gay rights in general), and posed for her own NOH8 portrait some time ago (see below).

Perhaps the McCain women will be able to have some influence on the senator and get him to change his stance on the issue. Hey, it happened in the Cheney family: Former Vice President Dick Cheney — who has a lesbian daughter, Mary, who has had a child with her lesbian partner — came out in support of gay marriage last summer. Hmmm, maybe if Meghan came out as a lesbian, John would change his mind?

Meghan McCainMeghan McCain

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