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 road Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart step out to do a Q&A for John Cameron Mitchell's Rabbit Hole.

 road The owner of The Abbey in West Hollywood on what makes his bar a success: "Anyone who walks through my gate is a VIP. Everyone is gonna be treated the same."

Aust  road New Nielson polls shows strong support for marriage equality in Australia: "The poll, published on Monday in Fairfax newspapers, found nearly 60 per cent of people support same-sex marriage, with 37 per cent against. The same poll also shows the federal coalition leads Labor by 51 points to 49 on a two-party preferred basis."

 road Disney decides it's done with movies based on classic fairy tales.

 road Gay and lesbians rally in the Bronx: “For so long the Bronx has been very quiet about LGBT issues. This particular event sparked the feeling to doing something and how do you do it—you do it in unity.”

 road Desperate Housewives will go on with one less housewife.

 road North Korea shows American scientist new secret nuclear facility: "He had been “stunned” by the sophistication of the new plant, where he saw “hundreds and hundreds” of centrifuges that had just been installed, and that were operated from what he called “an ultra-modern control room.”

Cher road Cher knows her limits: “Look, I have a very narrow range. I’ve never tried anything more than playing who I am. If you look at my characters, they’re all me.”

 road Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch to team on an iPad-only newspaper: "There will be no "print edition" or "web edition"; the central innovation, developed with assistance from Apple engineers, will be to dispatch the publication automatically to an iPad or any of the growing number of similar devices."

 road If you think adult pandas are cute, wait until you see a picture of a newborn panda.

 road One-time correspondent professor Pontifical Academy of St Thomas Aquinas in the Vatican tells German magazine: “It must be acknowledged that a large number of Catholic clerics and trainee priests in Europe and the United States are homosexually-inclined,”

 road Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I has a big box office weekend.

 road Paris Hilton fulfills part of her 200 hour community service.

 road Arrests made at a sit-in on Ottawa in to mark Transgendered Day of Remembrance.

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North Dakota Drag Queen JustNtyme Would Like Her Wig Back

Around 2am last Saturday morning, after performing and meeting up with friends at another bar, North Dakota drag queen JustNtyme had her 0 custom-made wig snatched off her head by a man on the street who screamed "fucking faggot" while running off with the tresses. He reported the incident to police, who have a "person of interest" after JustNtyme also sent over a Facebook screenshot of a person commenting, "You know it’s a good night when your friend rips a wig off a tranny and books it down Broadway." For now they're treating it as a simple misdemeanor; ugh. JustNtyme is now in New Orleans recuperating from the trauma, which is how we do.


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Pushing for Workplace Protections in North Carolina

Last week, members of the Charlotte community and I met with the Legislative Correspondent of U.S. Representative Larry Kissell from the 8th District of North Carolina to talk about supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill to ban workplace discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. Kissell voted in favor of the the hate crimes law, which passed last year, and voted to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” We were excited to meet with Kissell’s team to remind him of the importance of passing ENDA and let him know that our community cannot afford to take things for granted at this critical time in the fight for equality.

Our diverse group included Randy Floyd, Co-chair for the local HRC Steering Committee and Roberta Dunn, a leader in the local transgender community who sits on the steering committees of HRC and the Mecklenburg Gay and Lesbian Political Action Committee (MeckPAC).

Jennifer Roberts, the Chairwoman of the Board of County Commissioners for Mecklenburg County, was there with constituent and straight ally Jacqueline Galante.

Everyone at the meeting shared stories about workplace discrimination in Charlotte with Legislative Correspondent John Trippi. The staff in Kissell’s office were told about a transgender woman who worked as a mechanic for the city in the Department of Auto Maintenance that lost her job shortly after letting her supervisor know of her desire to begin transitioning. They also shared a story about a grade school teacher who was fired once parents got wind of her sexual orientation and called the principal.

Roberts spoke to the staff about the economics and family benefits of ENDA. She talked about Mecklenburg County passing an employment non-discrimination policy five years ago that did not protect transgender people. This past December, MeckPAC and Roberts teamed up to pass domestic partner benefits and this year they teamed with Mayor Anthony Foxx and City Manager Curt Walton to create a non-discrimination policy in Charlotte. They are still working to include gender identity in the policy.

Charlotte is an up and coming city and there have been great strides to improve the livelihood of the LGBT community, but there is still much more work to be done. I hope that everyone will contact their lawmakers tell them to support and pass ENDA.

Visit our Pass ENDA Now website to find out more about ENDA and contact your members of Congress at

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North Korea Goes Gay on Facebook

NorthKoreaGayx390 (Screengrab) | Advocate.comA Facebook profile for North Korea listed the country as male, and interested in men. Daily News

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‘North Dakota Bois’ Turn Katy Perry’s Candyland Into Cow Tipping Territory

It doesn't have the obvious gay appeal of Ryan James Yezak's "California Gays," but "North Dakota Bois" (that'd be Ammon Miller, Ben Grassel, Karsten Pudwill, Devin Roll, and Kristen Stewart) surprisingly managed to keep the Katy Perry spoof machine fresh. Also, they spelled it "bois." Homos.


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