Northstar Wedding Reception at Zeus

Mutants gettin’ married

Marvel’s gay hero Northstar moves fast. He just proposed to his boyfriend in last month’s issue of Astonishing X-Men and today the big day goes down. In issue 51 of the book, the fast-flying mutant settles down with his beau Kyle and by the cover, his mutie colleagues and perhaps much of the rest of the Marvel Universe is attending the fab wedding.

And you can too.

Zeus Comics will host an all-day reception at its location with refreshments and wedding cake culminating in a champagne toast at 7 p.m. Plus, you can purchase a copy of the comic for a keepsake because this really is some history going down. We just hope some bad guy doesn’t ruin it all trying to destroy the world again.

DEETS: Zeus Comics and Collectibles, 4411 Lemmon Ave. 11 a.m.–8 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

Zeus, Eagle team for Northstar wedding parties

OK, gay comic fans, the wedding of the year is just a week away, and you need to get ready for it.

One week from today, on June 20, Marvel Comics will release the issue featuring the same-sex wedding of gay superdude Northstar, a first for a major comic imprint. And gay-owned Zeus Comics on Lemmon and the webiste are celebrating in style. First, you can come by the Dallas Eagle tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. for a send-off bachelor party for Northstar. You’re encouraged to wear your favorite Marvel character costume (hey, if there’s anywhere you won’t look out of place in a costume midweek, it’s the Eagle) and the bar will be serving comic-themed cocktails. There will be contests and giveaways, too.

Then, after Northstar (real name: Jean-Paul Beaubier, so he must be uncut) and his fiance Kyle Jinadu tie the knot next Wednesday, you can come by Zeus to pick up a copy or just to attend the wedding reception, which will pack its own surprises. Beyond that, our lips are sealed.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Northstar Bachelor Party at Dallas Eagle

It’s a comic book thing

Comic book hero Northstar has been all the buzz in the comic book universe when he proposed to his fiancee Kyle Jinadu. Then this guy had to go an upstage him. But everyone’s still excited about the big day and so much so that real people are throwing the hero a celebration with the Northstar Bachelor Party tonight. Zeus Comics and combine their powers to host tonight’s event.

“We’ve got an amazing evening planned, “ said Zeus Comics owner Richard Neal. “From a Marvel Comics themed costume contest to a Marvel Comics famous couples trivia contest and a Mix and Match game for the single folks, its going to be a crazy night for the bachelors and attendees.”

But will they have strippers?

DEETS: Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave. 7 p.m.


—  Rich Lopez

Gay Green Lantern debuts today

We reported recently about the big news in the comic book world (other than the huge success of The Avengers): First Marvel announced the long-time gay character Northstar would marry his boyfriend (that takes place in the issue coming out June 20). Then DC Comics — which last fall reintroduced its entire superhero universe with all-new No. 1 issues — revealed that the iconic Green Lantern (who I like to call Queen Lantern) would come out as gay.

Well, not exactly.

Yes, the character of the Green Lantern is gay. But not really coming out.

As part of the relaunch, DC has modernized the tales of most of the characters. Many of the heroes were introduced in the 1940s as Nazi fighters, including the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, who was blond and wore a cape. In the 1960s, he was replaced by the modern Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, and the green-and-black bodysuit was introduced.

Well, Alan Scott is back. But so is Hal Jordan. It’s not really all that confusing.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

DC’s Green Lantern reintroduced as gay

The flaming Green Lantern is now out of the closet.

In Arnold’s post about Marvel mutant Northstar proposing to his partner, the buzz was also out about DC joining the gay fray in their comic book universe. They cleverly teased by announcing a major character would come out soon. Personally, I’m waiting for Wonder Woman to do it (okayyy?) but as Rolling Stone reports, DC’s gay will be the Green Lantern. From RollingStone:

Earth Two, a new series by writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott, reintroduces the concept by putting a new spin on the original versions of characters like the Green Lantern, the Flash and Superman that diverges notably from the past several decades of DC lore. In the second issue of the comic, in stores June 6th, Robinson and Scott prove just how different this world is by revealing that their version of Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern introduced back in 1940, is an openly gay man.

Up until recently, a middle aged version of Alan Scott was one of the stars of Justice Society of America, a comic series featuring the 1940s versions of DC’s heroes set in the present day. The new versions of these characters in Earth Twohave all been aged down considerably, to the point that Scott’s gay superhero son Obsidian had to be sacrificed. Robinson says he was inspired to write Scott himself as a gay character to make up for that loss. “The logical leap that I made was, oh, why don’t we make Alan Scott gay?,” he says. “To DC’s credit, there wasn’t any hesitation. [Co-publisher] Dan DiDio was like ‘Oh, that’s a great idea, let’s do it!'”

Now what does this mean for Ryan Reynolds in any possible Green Lantern movie sequel?

Preview a page from the upcoming book after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez