NYC’s Gay Middle Eastern Party

CLUB HABIBI X390 (SAME) | ADVOCATE.COMThe New York Times takes a look at the long-running Habibi dance
party, which has been bringing New York’s Arabic gay men together for nine years. Daily News

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Tomorrow In NYC’s Washington Square: Glowstick Vigil For LGBT Youth

Sunday at 9pm thousands will gather in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park for a You-Are-Loved vigil for LGBT youth. (No candles, open flames are strictly forbidden.) Facebook event page:

The vigil will start promptly at 9:00pm in Washington Square Park underneath the arch. Please bring your own glowstick if you have one as there will be a limited amount available. We will have at least 1,000 glowsticks to provide. The event will culminate in a chalking session in honor of the 2nd annual “You-Are-Loved Chalk Messaging Project.” This project is meant to provide uplifting messages as well as shed light on the amount of bullying, harassment, self-injury, and suicidal thoughts that disproportionately affect queer youth.

Confirmed guests include the Trevor Project, Ali Forney Center, GLAAD, and Heritage of Pride. I will attend and document the event for JMG. Now where does one buy a glowstick in NYC?

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

NYC’s Niketown Closed Due To Bedbugs

Nike’s national flagship store in Manhattan has been closed due to bedbugs infestation.

The massive East 57th Street Niketown location is a fave of tourists and shoppers with its array of shoes, clothes and gizmos, and officials said they’d like to just-do-it and reopen as soon as possible. “It’s one of our most popular stores,” said Nike spokesman Kijuan Wilkins. In a statement, Beaverton, Ore.-based Nike — which became synonymous with ex-NBA superstar Michael Jordan when he was its celebrity spokesman — the company said it had “proactively closed Niketown” when bedbugs were discovered there. “Our primary concern is the well being of our consumers and sales associates,” the statement said. “We are taking all proper steps to eradicate the problem and we expect the store to reopen shortly.”

RELATED: In recent months several other high-profile Manhattan retailers such as Abercrombie and Victoria’s Secret have closed due to bedbugs. Last month the city’s largest movie theater, the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square, closed for two days of bedbug fumigation after bite-covered patrons emerged from a premiere screening.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

Should NYC’s County Clerk Be Selling Gay Marriage Mugs to Couples Who Can’t Gay Marry?

"I Went To New York City To Get Gay Married And All I Got Was This Lousy Mug." While gay couples cannot marry in New York, if you bother trotting down to Manhattan's City Clerk's office, you can take home a wonderful parting gift from the shop: mugs featuring a male or a female couple with little hearts that say "We do." They cost . And they'll go great with your marriage certificate domestic partnership paperwork. Too bad the city's professional gays won't be drinking from them.


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—  John Wright