Colbert extradition delayed a month


Christopher Colbert

Christopher (aka Christian) Colbert’s extradition from Los Angeles County to Dallas has been delayed, possibly for as long as a month, according to a court clerk in L.A. He has a new court date set for May 18.

A clerk at Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles confirms that Colbert is still being held at that facility.

Colbert has been indicted on murder charges in connection with the death of Ronald Shumway last April. After killing Shumway, Colbert is accused of burying the body in cement in the backyard and then falsifying IDs to sell Shumway’s house. Colbert then withdrew the money from Shumway’s bank account and fled to L.A.

A tip from a Dallas Voice reader helped police locate Colbert and L.A. police arrested him on March 3. Dallas police detectives interviewed Colbert in L.A., where Colbert confessed to the murder, but claimed self-defense.

—  David Taffet

Colbert extradition hearing set for April 18


Christian Colbert

Christopher (Christian) Colbert’s extradition hearing from California to Texas will be held on April 18 in Los Angeles County Court.

According to a LA County Sheriff’s Department official, Colbert was picked up on a fugitive warrant. He is wanted in Texas for murder as well as identity theft and theft of property changes. The April 18 hearing could send Colbert back to Dallas as soon as Dallas Police can pick him up, or if Colbert decides to fight the extradition, a later hearing date will be held.

The sheriff’s department official said that when police pick someone up on a fugitive warrant, extradition to another state is inevitable. She didn’t have a list of charges against him and said California has no interest in holding him. His return to Texas is simply a matter of time.

—  David Taffet

Former Dallas Voice photographer wanted in Oak Cliff murder


Christian Colbert from a 2012 photo shoot

Former Dallas Voice photographer Christian Colbert is wanted in the murder of his former next-door neighbor Ronald Shumway. He also uses the name Christopher Colbert.

Shumway’s torso was found in the yard of his former home last September when a new owner was clearing the backyard. The body was identified through DNA tests earlier this month.

After Shumway resigned by email from his position as a DART bus driver, his house was put up for sale. Colbert has been identified as the person who appeared at the closing. When asked for ID, he said he left his driver’s license home and would fax it later. He faxed Shumway’s license with Colbert’s picture replacing Shumway’s.

Colbert was a Dallas Voice Scene photographer around 2003-2006. During the day, Colbert was a hair stylist. In 2008, he created a product to prevent bleach and hair from ruining a person’s makeup called Pro-Tech Face Shields. He had done Scene photography for Dallas Voice from as early as 1999.

Shumway was last seen on April 23, 2015. Facebook posts that police believe were made by Colbert indicated he was going to Austin. Several posts were made to indicate he was living in Austin with someone he met online.

In May, Shumway’s house was put up for sale and it sold in June. During the summer it was flipped.

The current owner found the torso in his yard in September.

Here’s the latest from the police blog on the case:

On September 24, 2015, Dallas Police responded to 725 N. Winnetka regarding the unidentified remains in the backyard of a vacant home under renovation.

During the course of the investigation, DNA comparisons revealed that the remains belonged to the registered homeowner Ronald David Shumway W/M 57.

The investigation also revealed that Christopher Brian Colbert W/M 08-21-1972 assumed Shumway’s identity and committed several deceptive acts.  Colbert is currently wanted for Tampering with Governmental Record, Securing Execution of Document by Deception and Money Laundering each carrying a $100,000.00 bond.  Christopher Colbert remains at large.


—  David Taffet

Oak Lawn to get 10 new police cams


A police camera will be placed at Cedar Springs Road at Oak Lawn Avenue.

According to a memo issued by City Manager A. C. Gonzalez, the Dallas Police Department will add 90 new cameras around the city, including 10 in Oak Lawn. DPD already monitors 257 cameras around the city.

The memo notes that the locations for the new cams will be:

• Lemmon/Wycliff
• Lemmon/Douglas
• Lemmon/Oak Lawn
• Rawlins/Oak Lawn
• Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs
• Maple/Wycliff
• Maple/Kings
• Cedar Springs/Throckmorton
• Maple/Lucas
• Maple/Oak Lawn

Southern Oak Cliff will also get 10 cams in the Hampton/Kiest to Ledbetter neighborhoods.

—  David Taffet

Pink Magnolia sets open date

Oak Cliff Cristo 1Our current edition of Dallas Voice is what we call The Food Issue, and the cover story is of the gay-owned new restaurant Pink Magnolia. In the story, we note that the opening date would take place “by Labor Day,” and that’s exactly right — Casie Caldwell has announced that chef Blythe Beck’s food will be ready on Thursday, Sept. 3 … just before Labor Day weekend. It’ll be open for dinner Tuesdays through Sundays, as well as for Sunday brunch (with items like the Oak Cliff Cristo, pictured); lunch will come later. Can’t wait!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Bolsa buys dinner for gays who marry today

image1 (1)So, I decided I wouldn’t be posting my usual Cocktail Friday drink recipe, to honor the solemnity of this historic occasion. And I won’t. But on the other hand, I will share this news with you from Bolsa:

In honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, Bolsa is renaming its frozen cocktail to #loveislove. We will be selling #loveislove for $5 today. We will also buy dinner for anyone who gets married today. Just bring in your proof of marriage. Come down to Bolsa and celebrate this historic moment!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Blythe Beck to open new concept, Pink Magnolia, in Oak Cliff

BlytheBlythe Beck has barely a week left leading the brigade at Kitchen LTO, Casie Caldwell’s “permanent pop-up” in Trinity Groves. She’s the longest serving chef as the concept, which is itself intended as a laboratory for concepts and chefs who might be able to open another restaurant somewhere else. And that time has come.

Beck and Caldwell are uniting for Pink Magnolia, their new partnership that will take over the shuttered Driftwood space in Oak Cliff. The name combines Beck’s famous love of one color  with her steely Southern influences, and will surely feature her signature “naughty” recipes. Best of all, it gives Beck, finally, a place to truly call her own, floorboards to shingles. It will open later this summer. Congrats!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

OOCCL presents innovative transportation options for Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff I35

Which zoo would you rather visit?

The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League sent out a concept for what people in what’s now being called “the Southern Sector” would like to see as a solution to transportation.

They used two ideas that have worked well in North Dallas. Of course, they’ve been told it’s too expensive. Wasn’t too expensive for North Dallas, but for Oak Cliff? No fucking way.

The ideas taken from North Dallas are: 1. Put I-35E below grade like North Central Expressway and 2. Deck over I-35E like Woodall Rodgers. No one can argue that downtown’s deck park isn’t successful. It’s always packed.

Above I posted a picture of a before and after of I-35E at the Dallas Zoo. Before: The giraffe faces a highway. After: The giraffe faces a deck park. Which Dallas Zoo would you rather visit?

The design also calls for multiple foot bridges to reconnect neighborhoods that were cut off in 1960 when the interstate was built and returning shoulders to the highway. Another Oak Cliff innovation — put the OAK back in Oak Cliff with massive tree plantings along the right-of-way. Trees. Wow. Radical. City Hall will obviously find a good objection to that one.

Since adding HOV lanes, traffic has slowed and driving on I-35E through Oak Cliff has become much more dangerous. Black paint from cars scraping the barriers rapidly became one continuous line the full length of the dangerous, yet rarely used, lanes. Even people with multiple passengers learned to avoid them. The design includes suggestions for usable HOV lanes.

As usual, OOCCL is coming up with practical solutions that include preserving and helping to find new and creative uses for what’s historic and beautiful while suggesting new and innovative designs to keep Oak Cliff moving forward.

Wanna bet City Hall ignores all these suggestions?

—  David Taffet

Van de Putte holds rally in Oak Cliff

More than 150 supporters welcomed Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Leticia Van de Putte to Oak Cliff on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, state Sen. Royce West and DISD school board President Miguel Solis were on stage to encourage the group to vote early and bring friends to the polls. West said part of the strategy to win is getting 300,000 votes for Van de Putte in Dallas County.

“I’m going to be home this week and I want to see all of you ringing doorbells,” Johnson said. “We got it if we get em out.”

Van de Putte was endorsed by every major newspaper in the state except for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. For the Wichita Falls Times Record News, this was its first endorsement of a Democrat in almost three decades.

“My momma always said, ‘If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all,'” Van de Putte began, as she addressed the crowd. “Well, my momma’s not here.”

She then lit into Patrick’s record of voting against equal pay for women, against funding education and against supporting veterans.

After the speech, she took time to take pictures with everyone there and extra time to talk to each child who had come to see her.

—  David Taffet

Local theater company sponsors gay playwrighting competition

Uptown Players moved its Pride Play Fest from September to June this year, so it seems TeCo Theatrical Productions is stepping in to the fall spot. The Oak Cliff-based company, which is celebrating its 20th season this year, has sent out a call for scripts for its inaugural PlayPride LGBT Festival, which will run Sept. 4–14. Playwrights will compete to benefit their favorite local LGBT group with a $1,000 donation to the winner’s charity of choice.

TeCo is soliciting short (15–20 minutes) unpublished/unproduced scripts of any style, as long as they contain LGBT themes, have a maximum of four cast members (though more characters would, presumably, be OK) and not come with scene changes or blackouts. The author must be a resident of Texas.

The deadline for submission is July 1, and must be submitted in PDF format to (no hard copies accepted). Get crackin’!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones