Trans Pride Initiative’s going to DC but needs your help


Trans Pride Initiative’s Nell Gaither.

Thanks to Out2Enroll, Trans Pride’s Nell Gaither will join other LGBT advocates from around the country in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, April 10, to share stories and successes of LGBT people under the Affordable Care Act.

She’s going to D.C. with her personal stories and wants to hear yours, too. She’ll be talking about how, before the Affordable Care Act, she was denied coverage by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for being trans.

If you have a health care story, comment or suggestion to share, you have a few options. You can share anonymously via this online form, e-mail it to or call Nell at 214-394-9835. She will record your story over the phone.

She’d prefer to receive comments by Wednesday, April 9.

—  James Russell

New group helping LGBT community enroll in ACA insurance plans

Rudolph_1_2659Under the Affordable Care Act, you must enroll by Dec. 23 to be covered with health insurance from the online marketplace by Jan. 1. is a coalition of groups formed to get the LGBT community to enroll in healthcare through the online marketplace. The website answers questions like: Can I enroll in family coverage with my same-sex partner?

A disproportionate part of the LGBT community has been uninsured. Among the reasons are companies, especially smaller companies, not offering the healthcare benefits to families of gay and lesbian employees they offer to heterosexual employees.

The Out2Enroll website has a good explanation of the change in coverage for the trans community now that being transgender is no longer a preexisting condition.

To grab some attention, Out2Enroll produced a commercial. It’s hot and funny, and it’s pissing off the right wing. Take a look:

—  David Taffet

Costume of the year: Obamacare Bear & Romneycare Bear, Identical ‘Man-Dates’

In case you missed it, over on the main page, we’ve posted a very spooky slideshow by Chuck Marcelo from Saturday’s Halloween Street Party on Cedar Springs. But even after scrolling through all 156 photos, I still think the best costume I’ve seen so far this year belongs to Dallas Voice staffer Chance Browning, right, and his friend Andrew Phifer. And, almost as good as the costume itself, is this blurb they sent about how it came to be and how it went over:

Our criteria in putting together a costume for each year’s block party, always has the same criteria. The costume must be topical, current, relevant, clever and preferably make a strong political statement. In past years, we have run the gamut, from Pissed Off FLDS Prairie Ladies to Beaten and Bruised Target Employees to The Healthcare Bill on Capitol Hill and even Aqua Buddha. This year in brainstorming, we kept coming back to the election cycle, and finally The Healthcare Bears were born. I will say that we received an overwhelming response and praise through social networks, and some slight confusion from some of the intoxicated partygoers at the Street Party. The ones who got it really GOT it and loved! On the other hand, me being Romneycare Bear, I got some unknowing drunk people stumbling up to me and voicing their support of Romney, thinking I was some sort of Romney surrogate, which allowed for the perfect platform to discuss Romney’s support, or lack thereof for the LGBT Community.

All that being said the tag line that we came up with to best capture our concept this year is: The Healthcare Bears: Obamacare Bear & Romneycare Bear, Identical ‘Man-Dates’

Andrew Phifer and Chance Browning
@andrewphifer  @chancebrowning

—  John Wright

LGBT groups praise Supreme Court’s health care decision — except for Log Cabin Republicans

The Supreme Court’s decision Thursday upholding the Affordable Care Act will affect access to healthcare across the LGBT community. People will not lose their health insurance because of HIV status or other pre-existing conditions, and transgender people cannot be denied coverage.

In its decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the penalty for not buying insurance under the “individual mandate” is a tax and is therefore constitutional.

While the ACA makes insurance coverage more widely available to the LGBT community, the ruling allows states like Texas to refuse federal money to expand Medicaid to cover more people unable to afford private health insurance.

Insurance should be more accessible once statewide insurance exchanges are created, but Texas has done little to begin creating those exchanges, banking on the ACA being declared unconstitutional. State exchanges will not be allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender identity or sex.

Dallas’ AIDS Interfaith Network called the decision a “major step forward in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In a press release, AIN wrote:

By upholding the Affordable Care Act, ensuring more individuals can obtain health insurance coverage, the Court removed a major roadblock to ending AIDS in America.

People living with HIV will have access to the reliable health coverage they need to seek and maintain continuous care, without unnecessary worrying about interrupts in care because of inadequate coverage or inability to pay.

National LGBT organizations, with the exception of Log Cabin Republicans, praised the decision.

—  David Taffet

Still Waiting For Peter LaBarbera’s Follow-On Piece On “Obama-Care” And “Sex Change Operations”

Recently, Peter LaBarbera wrote a piece for his Americans For Truth About Homosexuality website, entitled New HRC Corporate Scorecard Demands Coverage of Transsexual ‘Sex-Change’ Operations. (I responded in the PHB piece More “Truth” On “Sex Change Operations”?)

Image: Peter LaBarbera; Link: 'Sometimes you feel like a nut..'In LaBarbera’s October 23, 2010 piece, he stated:

Next week: how the Obama administration is telling LGBT activists to lobby for “sex change” operations to be covered under “Obama-care.”

By my math, “next week” has pretty much come and gone; today (November 6, 2010) is the last day of “next week.”

But hey, LaBarbera’s piece on LGBT Activists, “Obama-care,” and “sex change operations”  would be better late than never, right?

If you’d still like to read that Americans For Truth About Homosexuality piece on how “the Obama administration is telling LGBT activists to lobby for ‘sex change’ operations to be covered under ‘Obama-care’,” you can go to the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Contact Us webpage, and get the information on how to call its Executive Director, send the Executive Director email, or send the Executive Director snail mail.

Hey, I’m about darn sure Executive Director of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (and you knew that the Executive Director was Peter LaBarbera, right?) would like to hear how this delayed piece on LGBT Activists, “Obama-care,” and “sex change operations” is of interest to you, and you’re waiting with baited breath to read it.

I know I’m still waiting to read this upcoming piece — I’m sure the piece is going to be a hoot!
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