Even World Nut Daily is promoting Obama’s opposition to marriage equality

World Nut Daily’s Joseph Farah, pictured here, has become the leading conservative voice against marriage equality. Pam reports Farah will be debating marriage with GOProud’s Chris Barron will be debating Farah at a right-wing conference later this month.

Today, WND prints an “Open letter to Conservatives who support same-sex marriage” from David Kupelian. Here’s how it starts — with one of the favorite talking points from marriage opponents:

“I do not support gay marriage. Marriage has religious and social connotations, and I consider marriage to be between a man and a woman.” – Barack Obama

“Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage always has been, between a man and a woman.” – Hillary Clinton

To my conservative friends and colleagues,

Just two years ago, supporting homosexual marriage was such an extreme, politically radioactive position that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – both Alinskyite progressives and long-time gay-rights supporters – saw fit to publicly and repeatedly declare their opposition to same-sex marriage.

Today, as the homosexual newspaper the Washington Blade puts it, “conservatives have taken the leadership role in achieving marriage equality.”

Yes, they have. Now, even WND is using Obama to challenge the conservatives who are more progressive on marriage than the Prsident.


—  John Wright

Newsweek on ‘Obama’s Moral Cowardice’

Jacob Weisberg thinks Obama “needs to find his principles”:

Obama has had numerous chances to assert leadership on values questions this summer: Arizona’s crude anti-immigrant law, the battle over Prop 8 and gay marriage, and the backlash against what Fox News persists in calling the “Ground Zero mosque.” These battles raise fundamental questions of national identity, liberty, and individual rights. When Lindsey Graham argues for rewriting the Constitution to eliminate the birthright-citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment, or Newt Gingrich proposes a Saudi standard for the free exercise of religion, they’re taking positions at odds with America’s basic ideals. But Obama’s instinctive caution has steered him away from casting these questions as moral or civil-rights issues. On none of them has he shown anything resembling courage.

This is Weisberg’s take on Obama’s and Prop. 8:

With the Proposition 8 fight, Obama has fallen short in a different way, by his reluctance to join an emerging social consensus. Obama had previously criticized California’s Proposition 8, the ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage, as “divisive.” But his official position—which no one believes he actually holds—is that he is against legalizing gay marriage. Americans are changing their views on this issue with inspiring rapidity. Judge Vaughn Walker’s moving opinion provided an occasion for Obama to embrace the extension of equal rights to gay people. Instead, he slunk mumbling in the other direction. How dismal that America’s first black president will be remembered as shirking the last great civil-rights struggle.

The White House hears these criticisms all the time. Apparently, they’re ignored. What do the rest of us know? As we’ve learned, Team Obama has the smartest political and communications people in the world. That’s why they’re doing so well in the polls. Takes real geniuses to destroy the vaunted Obama “brand” and to bring him from 70% approval to the low 40s.

H/T Steve H.


—  John Wright

FBI (that would be Obama’s FBI) concludes not a hate crime for two Marines to knock a gay guy unconscious for supposedly winking at them

Apparently the injury wasn’t serious enough, the FBI and local police concluded. Mind you, they hit him in the head and knocked him unconscious. Not a serious injury.


—  John Wright

Another chance to support equality: Will Obama’s DOJ weigh in on Prop. 8 appeal?

Team Obama keeps hoping to avoid the issue of marriage equality. But, they can’t ignore it. Over the next few months, we’re going to find out if the DOJ is defending DOMA’s constitutionality in the Massachusetts cases. And, we’ll find out if Obama meant it when he said he supported the Prop. 8 decision. The crack team of lawyers in Obama administration can go on-the-record with its support of Judge Walker’s decision. They can. But, will they?:

Days before the 2008 election, then-candidate Barack Obama said California’s Proposition 8 was “unnecessary” and “not what America’s about.”

Now, some same-sex marriage advocates are hoping Obama’s Justice Department will make a similar argument in court. The federal government is not a party to the Proposition 8 litigation, which pits gay and lesbian couples against supporters of a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. But the Justice Department could weigh in as amicus curiae — either when the case arrives at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court or, sooner, before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Such a decision would typically be up to Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal with input from across the federal government, including the White House.

The involvement of the Justice Department would add further significance to what is already the nation’s most-watched court case, officially named Perry v. Schwarzenegger, while also raising difficult political questions for the Obama administration. “There have been people encouraging the U.S. Justice Department to follow the progress of the Perry case, to discuss it internally and to support the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans,” said Jennifer Pizer, director of Lambda Legal’s Marriage Project, which filed an amicus brief in the case’s trial phase.

Pizer would not detail internal strategy, such as lobbying of White House or Justice Department officials, but she and other advocates of same-sex marriage said there are reasons for the federal government to become involved in the case. For one, there are Obama’s 2008 comments in opposition of Proposition 8. For another, they argue, the federal government has an interest in protecting civil rights — though that interest has been complicated in the context of homosexuality.

Let’s be clear, this won’t be a legal decision. It will be pure politics. So far, the political geniuses in the White House (the same geniuses who took Obama from an approval rating in the hig 60s down to 43% this week) have stuck to their opposition to marriage equality. Axelrod reiterated that position the day after the Prop. 8 decision. Yes, the Obama political operation wants to stay as far away from the marriage issue as possible. But, the longer they wait to deal it — and by deal with it, I mean Obama supporting marriage equality — the more outdated and out-of-touch the President looks.


—  John Wright

Dan Savage on Mitch McConnell taking Obama’s word that he’s a Christian

Yesterday, on Meet the Press, Mitch McConnell talked about Obama’s religion:

“The president says he’s a Christian. I take him at his word. I don’t think that’s in dispute,”

Dan Savage provides the only appropriate response.


—  John Wright

Alan Grayson: If We Got Invaded By Mars, The GOP Would Claim Obama’s A Martian

I want to gay-marry Alan Grayson.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

Keith Olbermann: There is no ‘Ground Zero Mosque; Eleveld on Obama’s other mixed messaging problem

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And from Politicususa.com, a good summary of Keith’s remarks (no transcript yet). A snippet:

Olbermann described the Right’s campaign as, “Yet in a country dedicated to freedom, forces have gathered to blow out of all proportion the construction of a minor community center to transform it into a training ground for terrorists, and an insult to the victims of 9/11, and a tribute to the Medieval Muslim subjugation of the West. There is in fact no Ground Zero Mosque. It isn’t a mosque. A mosque technically is a Muslim holy place where only worship can be conducted. What is planned for 45 Park Place New York City is a community center. It’s supposed to include a basketball court and a culinary school. It is to be thirteen stories tall, and the top two stories will be a Muslim prayer space. What a cauldron to terrorism that will be, terrorist chefs and terrorist point guards.”

Olbermann pointed out that since 9/11 Muslims have been at greater risk of being victims of US terrorism than non-Muslims. After he debunked Newt Gingrich’s fear mongering over the name Cordoba House, which he called a figment of Gingrich’s imagination, and the MSNBC host pointed out that the community center will be open to all New Yorkers.

He also knocked down the falsehood that the community center is located on Ground Zero, “This place Park 51 is not even at Ground Zero, not even right across the street. Even the description of it being two blocks away is generous. It is two blocks away from the northeast corner of the World Trade Center site, from the planned location of the 9/11 Memorial, it is more like four or five blocks even.” Olbermann showed that there is no view of the World Trade Center visible from the community center.


On a related note, Kerry Eleveld’s latest column in The Advocate points out that “Obama’s mixed messaging on the mosque proposed near Ground Zero leads one to wonder why the White House is so unwilling to touch other hot-button issues.”

Like “The Homosexual Agenda“?

Well, he sure likes taking our money, huh? Just doesn’t like to step on that third rail (other than to send David Axelrod out to bleat out incoherent messaging about equality and marriage).

Obama’s position – that he defends the right to build without supporting the project – mirrors national polling numbers. While one poll found that about 64% of voters believe proponents should be able to build, another poll found that 68% oppose the plan itself.

The situation brings several questions to the fore.

First, what exactly is the administration’s communications team doing? They either miscalculated the national mood or they misjudged how the president’s words would be received on Friday. But they unquestionably should have seen flashes of the firestorm to come from Sarah Palin and her cronies eons before they sent the president out to carry the torch for democracy.

Or is it possible that the president and his advisers understood exactly where this was headed but just couldn’t take the heat once they stepped into the pit? No matter what the answer, the White House squandered the president’s most precious commodity: his word – his compact of trust with the American people.

And here’s another stumper. The same CNN poll showing that more than 2/3 of Americans opposed the project was also the very first poll in history to find that a majority of Americans (52% to 46%) believe gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry.

Now marriage polls do see-saw even as they continue to trend toward equality and a Public Policy Poll late last week found that 57% of voters still think same-sex marriage should be illegal. But the fact remains that both of those polls show less opposition to marriage equality than to the Mosque project, and I can’t help but puzzle at the White House’s willingness to broach one subject while they continue to run away from the other as if it’s too hot touch.

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—  John Wright

Why Won’t The White House Let Us Ogle Barack Obama’s Man Cleavage Anymore?

This is the official White House photo from Pete Souza, the administration's photographer, and the only one you'll see of President Obama shirtless on his Panama City Beach family holiday over the weekend. How come?


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