Anti-gay orgs file amicus briefs in DOMA case

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders gave the heads up that the Obama DOJ brief (re: Gill et al. v. Office of Personnel Management et al.) will see fundie bedfellow filings, and lo and behold, the first out of the gate are from the National Organization for Marriage and the Family Research Council.

From the FRC brief:

FRC actively supported the Defense of Marriage Act, the constitutionality of which is the subject of this appeal. FRC, therefore, has a particular interest in the outcome of this case. Requiring the Government to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages would not promote any of the interests on the basis of which marriage is a protected social institution. And, for the reasons set forth herein, nothing in the Constitution, properly understood, compels such recognition.

…Contrary to the district court’s understanding, the issue is not whether denying federal recognition of same-sex marriages “promote[s] stability in heterosexual parenting,” but whether granting such recognition would promote 17 that interest. Clearly, it would not. Under the rational basis standard of review, that is sufficient to sustain the constitutionality of ? 3 of DOMA.

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More Social Conservative Orgs Boycott CPAC

CPAC X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMThe Heritage Foundation and Media Research Center join groups including
Concerned Women for America in dropping out of the annual conservative
conference because the gay Republican group GOProud will be in
attendance. Daily News

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SPLC hate groups: 5 more anti-LGBT orgs to enter annals

Holy crap:

Via Truth Wins Out, we see that the Southern Poverty Law Center has released a piece profiling Of 18 anti-gay organizations and has announced that they will be adding 5 new organizations to their list of active anti-gay hate groups.

The new additions are:

1. American Family Association

2. Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

3. Dove World Outreach Center

4. Family Research Council

5. Illinois Family Institute

The other anti-gay groups profiled by the SPLC but not officially designated as hate groups are:

1. Christian Anti-Defamation Commission

2. Concerned Women for America

3. Coral Ridge Ministries

4. Liberty Counsel

5. National Organization for Marriage

FRC, AFA Among New Organization Designated “Anti-Gay Hate Groups” SPLC [Right Wing Watch]

To us, Family Research Council is the most notable addition. Because while AFA is incredibly incendiary and AFTAH’s attacks have hit a highly personal note for this site and its writer, it’s FRC that holds the most conservative credence, hands down. Remember: Tony “gays are ‘held captive the enemy’” Perkins and the rest of his FRC crew routinely get booked on/in mainstream media outlets, usually presented as mere “from the right” voices (Just this past weekend, Peter “Let’s export and/or criminalize gays” Sprigg was booked on MSNBC).

Plus there’s the presidential factor, with all of the major hopefuls showing up in every election year to speak at FRC’s annual Values Voters Summit. Huckabee, Romney, McCain, Giuliani — they were all there in the run up to ’08. Other hopefuls like Rep. Mike Pence (Far R-IN) were on hand this year, doing their best to turn anti-gay politicking into a viable White House path.

So highlighting FRC comes with just a little more weight. Weight that SPLC now highlights as being among the most crushing in all of the “culture war” landscape. Weight that should be seen as an albatross for those in the GOP who are seeking fair, respectful, adult discourse.

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