No, no — Maggie’s not battling gay orientations. She just calls homosexuality ‘unfortunate’, ‘controllable’, and ‘sinful’ because she’s bored.

In response to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s latest anti-gay group coverage, Maggie Gallagher chimes in with these thoughts:

I’m very proud of the message that NOM has carried consistently and with great love and courage: which is that marriage matters because children need a mom and dad; Our battle is not with an orientation but a political movement that seeks to use the law to embed a new moral idea: there is no difference between same-sex and opposite sex couples and you’re a hater, bigot and quasi-racist if you disagree. It’s very sad to see the deterioration of a once-great civil rights organization to this level

-Maggie Gallagher, chairperson of the National Organization’s Board [SOURCE]

Right. Maggie’s “battle is not with an orientation.” Except, you know — when it totally is:

Ex. 1:

8/9/2010: Maggie says gays ‘can always control [their] behavior’; admits she sees homosexuality as ‘an unfortunate thing’:

*AUDIO SOURCE: In The Market with Janet Parshall — 8/9/10 [Moody Radio]


Ex. 2:

5/14/2001, Maggie uses Dr. Robert Spitzer’s study in a way that goes against his own wishes and findings, calls homosexuality a “sexual dysfunction”:I believe there is rather powerful evidence that human beings are a two-sex species, designed for sexual rather than asexual reproduction. If this is true, then the absence of desire for the opposite sex represents, at a minimum, a sexual dysfunction much as impotence or infertility. Human beings seeking help in overcoming sexual dysfunctions deserve our respect and support (and may I mention, President Bush, more research dollars?).” [Source]


Ex. 3:

3/20/2000, Maggie defends Dr. Laura:In a simple biological framework abstracted from all religion and morality, homosexuality is like infertility. It is a sexual disability preventing certain individuals from participating in the normal reproductive patterns of the human species.” [Source]


Ex. 4:

6/30/2008: Maggie says both gays and marriage equality supporters in general are committing several kinds of sins:

(click to play audio clip)

*Source: Catholic Answers Live — 6/30/08


Ex. 5:

August, 2009: Maggie says the Iowa marriage ruling flies in the face of both Leviticus and Genesis:

*AUDIO SOURCE: Janet Parshall’s America


Maybe not an incoming freshman’s college orientation. But if we’re talk about a certain sexual orientation, Maggie’s like a “culture war” lieutenant (if not a full-fledged general)!

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Quick's weekly LGBT column no more

Quick‘s LGBT column, “Orientations,” is no longer according to the Facebook updates from columnists Ian McCann and Brandon Formby. The column featured goings-on in the LGBT community usually about an event during the week. The column started three years ago.

Because it seems impossible to find anything on Quick’s site, you can read some of their past columns by going here. They even sent the Voice birthday wishes back in May.

This was Formby’s latest update.

After more than 150 installments, Orientations is no more. We began with the 2006 Pride Parade and ended with Cooper Smith’s new adoptees. And we threw in a whole bunch of Wayne Smith, Sandra Bernhard, Margaret Cho, John Amaechi, Del Shores, Halloween extravaganzas, transgendered teens sticking up for themselves, Turtle Creek Chorale-ing, and more just for good measure. What an awesome ride.

McCann’s page had this posted.

It’s official: The Quick column is no longer. It’s been a good three years, Orientations.

I contacted McCann to ask about the column but he declined to mobiпроверка позиции сайта в yandex

—  Rich Lopez