Fred Phelps: Fags ‘Ought to Be So Thankful’ Westboro Isn’t Charging Them

Hell is the place where the worm eats on fags, and the fire is never quenched. Indescribable pain. The Lord Jesus said that. And he knows because he's had a front row seat since the creation of Adam. What you need to do is get a Bible and look up Luke, Chapter 16. These fags are going to hell, and instead of squawking like crybabies, they ought to be so thankful that at no expense to them, we've dedicated time and resources to preach to them. People say we're "disturbing the peace." Don't you understand: we've done 40,000 of these pickets, and we'd be in jail if we were disturbing the peace.

—The always insightful Westboro Baptist leader Fred Phelps, who also notes that when it comes to other religious leaders, "about half of these preachers and priests are closet homosexuals–I mean practicing homosexuals."


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—  John Wright

Baseball Manager To Gay Ump: ‘I Ought To Kick Your Ass, You Faggot’

We all know that managers of professional sports teams can get a little worked up over certain calls made by umpires. It looks like Brent Bowers, the manager of the Golden Baseball League team, the Edmonton Capitals, may have crossed the line. Bowers was ejected from a game wherein his team was playing after he confronted openly gay empire, Billy Van Raaphorst and dropped the f-word.

Bb The Edmonton Journal fills us in on what Bowers is alleged to have said to Raaphorst when he lost his temper:

Raaphorst's official report of Bowers ejection cited Bowers saying: "You know what I heard? I heard you are a (expletive) faggot. The rumour from several managers and people at the league is that you are a fag. The report adds that Bowers hollered: "I ought to kick your ass, you faggot."

Some are even calling this a hate crime.

Initially, there was some confusion as to whether or not Bowers was fired or had resigned.  The team's president, Patrick LaForge clears things up:

"Brent's activities, in our terms, went beyond what's acceptable. We support the Golden Baseball League in their decision to suspend him for the balance of the season, and we further support Brent's decision to resign."

"We did not ask for him to resign. He has chosen to resign and get on with his life."

Asked why the club didn't summarily terminate Bowers, LaForge said: "I think he got it (resignation) out of his mouth before we could say it. We were going through the process of reviewing the league's decision on the suspension and its implications on us as an organization. I was with Brent at the time and he took it upon himself to resign."

Bowers, who has admitted to directing the hateful words to Raaphorst, is also required to pay a ,000 fine.

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—  John Wright