WATCH: Screaming Females at Queen City Hall

There was quite a turnout for the the lez-fronted trio Screaming Females Saturday night at Queen City Hall. The venue side of Queen City Tattoos, hosted the Parade of Flesh show with a healthy number in the audiences for the punk rockers. Singer Marissa Paternoster gets much of the focus as the tiny dynamo of guitar greatness that belies her schoolgirl voice and adorable mophead of hair.

But drummer Jarrett Dougherty and especially bassist King Mike were not to be undersold. Mike’s bass sounded like the Kraken had officially been released. He turned his rhythm section into a growling monster. And Dougherty smashed the some-40 minute set into oblivion playing with arena-like tendencies despite the room being just shades bigger the venue being no bigger than your average living room.

But the intimacy (if that’s what you call it) and the enthused crowd standing inches away from Mike and Paternoster made it feel like one big unit of punk rawk energy waiting to explode. Which it pretty much did once Paternoster unleashed her guitar skills. Oh, and they pretty much smashed out my eardrums

I captured a couple of minutes of the show via phone along with a few photos after the jump. They stopped in Dallas in support of their fifth album Ugly.

—  Rich Lopez

Concert Notice: Parade of Flesh brings Screaming Females to Queen City Hall on May 5

Whoa. This almost snuck by me. Punk trio Screaming Females has had a hefty touring schedule since appearing at SXSW last month. They’ve been all across the country but head back this way in time for Cinco De Mayo. Fronted by lesbian guitarist Marissa Paternoster, the band’s buzz has only grown with their 2012 album Ugly. Which is well overdue being that this is their fifth release.

Local promoters Parade of Flesh bring them in to play the East Dallas venue Queen City Hall with Leg Sweeper and Final Club. And tickets are only $5. That means I can get in and buy a beer. Maybe two. You can purchase them here prior to the show.

Watch the video for “It All Means Nothing,” the first single from the album after the jump. FYI, if you’re squeamish about blood, then cover your eyes.

—  Rich Lopez