WATCH: Sam Smith parody ‘Please Go Home’

Please Go HomeSam Smith, the amazingly talented gay British pop star, will be performing tonight in Dallas, the final leg of his limited North American tour. To help get you ready for the concert, we share this video … not of an actual Sam Smith song, but of its parody, “Please Go Home,” which turns the needy-trick meme on its head from the perspective of the guy who made the mistake of hooking up with him. And it comes courtesy of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, led by our own Tim Seelig! It’s especially good for bear lovers! Enjoy!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: Hilarious parody of Kanye’s execrable video ‘Bound 2’

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You know how edgy, dangerous comedians like Robin Williams, John Leguizamo and Chris Rock quickly lose their edge as soon as they become parents? All the F-bombs are replaced by cooing stories of potty training. It’s sad.

Well, a kinda similar thing appears to have happened since Kanye West married Kim Kardashian.

Let’s face it: Kanye has never been everyone’s cup of tea. But he has met with a lot of critical acclaim, and folks can legitimately praise his rap skills.

I think that will change with “Bound 2.”

Have you seen this video? It starts with a fairly cool hook and some lovely images of Western landscapes. Then about 45 seconds in, Kanye takes over with a rap that not only fails to maintain any identifiable rhythm, but only rhymes a small percentage of the time. He overlays the landscapes with cheesy green-screen scenes of himself riding a motorcycle, while that empty-faced wife of his squirms around him naked — sometimes in front, sometimes in back, always causing a little vomit to come up into my mouth.

Of course, it’s also a racist, misogynistic rant, making fun of Jamaicans and using the N-word and calling most women bitches. That’s not even edgy anymore. And Kanye’s performance is laughable in other ways — essentially, it’s a parody of itself.

But here’s why you should care about the video: Besties James Franco and Seth Rogen, who play with gay rumors a lot anyway, have made a shot-for-shot remake of the video with Franco as Kanye and Seth and Kim. This is a true parody.

And. It’s. Awesome.

Both videos have the same soundtrack, so we’re happy some enterprising fellow has created a side-by-side play of the two. A friend claims it’s the greatest video of 2013. Decide for yourself — you can watch them after the jump. Oh, and most certainly not safe for work.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: ‘Blurred Lines’ parody just made for left-leaning Texans

This is a funny parody of Robin Thicke’s viral “Blurred Lines” video, for a few reasons: First, it’s about Fort Worth’s Wendy Davis. Second, it continually calls Rick Perry a dick. Third, unlike Thicke’s video, it objectifies men, which we’re all in favor of. (And if you like it, there are plenty of sexy-men-filled versions on YouTube.) Enjoy!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: Red carpet for ‘Les Miz’ (sorta)

Only four performers portray all the celebs in this hilarious riff on red carpet premieres — and just in time for our Hollywood Issue coming out next week. Enjoy!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: X-Men ‘Born This Way’ parody

“X-Men, baby, we were born this way!”

As Arnold Wayne Jones noted in his review earlier this year of X-Men: First Class, filmmakers for the X-Men series of movies have never shied away from very obviously drawing parallels between the movies’ mutants and LGBT people in real life. Apparently the non-gay X-men fans have made the connection, too.

This morning my 14-year-old son came into the living room with a big grin on his face, telling me that he had just found a video on YouTube in which a bunch of X-Men fans had made a parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

“It’s hysterical!” he told me.

This is the same son who, when I took him to his first Comic Con here in Dallas when he was 12, heard angels sing and saw the celestial light. I will never forget the look on his face when he turned to me and said, “My people! I have found my people at last!” He also, by the way, happens to be a big Gaga fan, too, and he is quite smart. So when he told me the video was funny, I decided it was worth looking up.

So I found it and watched it, and you know what — he was right. It’s funny and quite clever. So I decided to share it here with you so you can judge for yourself.

—  admin

WATCH: Weird Al Yankovic goes Gaga

Today, the world finally gets to see what all the fuss was about. Weird Al Yankovic had issues with getting his Gaga parody on board with the Lady herself, but it was all just a misunderstanding. You might have heard the song already, but now the video for “Perform this Way” is officially out. And somehow I’m both cracking up and creeped out by it.

—  Rich Lopez

To brighten a dreary day (‘California Girls’ parody)

This made me laugh, so I wanted to share:

—  admin

WATCH: The Queerburgs post parody carol ‘Walking in No Prop 8 Blunderland’

We just received a notice about Mike Hennessey, creator of Queerburgs, which, according to the e-mail press release, “is a comedy video series … where the gays are the majority.” Keeping in the holiday spirit, their latest video is a satirical take on “Winter Wonderland” and has already been released on Funny or Die.

After watching it though, if I had that choice, it would be the latter.

—  Rich Lopez

Gay McDonald's ad – the American version?

Last week, I blogged about this cute McDonald’s ad from France with the gay teenager and his clueless Dad.

Then a couple of days later, John Wright blogged about Bill O’Reilly’s comments on the ad, and since then the ad has become more talked about and discussed and praised and reviled. I was a bit surprised by all the hoopla (well, not by O’Reilly’s comments, since I have never expected to hear anything remotely resembling sensible from him), because I thought the commercial was cute but not all that groundbreaking. I mean, it certainly doesn’t reach the level of the Sir Vaughn’s Sunglasses ad Arnold Jones blogged about!

Anyway, today I found this video on YouTube parodying the French commercial. So I thought I would share:

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—  admin