Bertolli shows Barilla how it’s done


I said this morning there would be plenty of gay-friendly pasta brands to take Barilla’s place. It didn’t take long for one to emerge — and it has a history of being gay-friendly.

Bartolli in Germany started a social media campaign today with the above image, but as AdWeek reports, it has been courting the gays for years — check out the video after the jump from 2009.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Barilla dares gays to buy another pasta

BarillaPenne for your thoughts? Not if you’re gay, says Guido Barilla.

Barilla’s name graces the cardboard boxes of the popular line of dry pasta, and Guido seems pretty definitive that he cringes at the idea homos would derive any pleasure sucking on his ziti.

As Buzzfeed reported (with accompanying GIF commentaries), Guido — when asked if his company would include same-sex couples in any advertising — rejected the idea. But he went a lot further: “If gays don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of pasta.”

He’s got us there, I must confess. Flour, egg and water is all that’s in pasta, so it’s not like quality ingredients are rare. And I’m sure there are many pasta brands where, even if they don’t put gays in the TV commercials, certainly hope we buy their brand.

So let’s do that: Let’s boycott Barilla. There are plenty of fusilli in the sea. Or better yet, skip it entirely. Gays don’t need starchy carbs anyway.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

A little eye candy for President’s Day: Gym nudity in new gay film ‘The Brothers Sinclair’

Although this falls squarely in the category of shameless promotion, it’s awfully hot. This is a featurette (itself a coinage for a promotional video) for an upcoming gay movie called The Brothers Sinclair. Honestly, the movie looks cheesy (not the bird in the pasta) but the hot guys may soften my animosity for the cliches. No word on when the final feature will come out, but the hotties here are good enough for now. Enjoy!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones