‘Limited Partnership’ airs tonight on Channel 13

limited_partnershipLimited Partnership, the story of a gay couple that married in Boulder, Colo., in 1975, airs tonight as part of the Independent Lens series at 10 p.m. on PBS, Channel 13.

Although we think of the fight for marriage equality as beginning in the 1990s, the movement for equal rights through marriage recognition actually began two decades earlier.

The couple profiled in the film began their fight to get one of the partners a green card since the early 70s. A county clerk in Boulder found that at the time, the Colorado Constitution didn’t ban her from issuing a marriage license to a same-sex couple, so she did.

Once the couple applied for a green card, the U.S. government rejected the application and an Immigration Department flunky wrote, “You have failed to establish that a bona fide marital relationship can exist between two faggots.”

The couple spent decades living out of legal status and the film traces the story through last year.

It’s very well done and you’ll shed a tear for this couple who can’t live apart even though the U.S. government is determined to separate them.

—  David Taffet

Remembering Fred Martinez: ‘Two Spirits’ tells story of a murdered Navajo boy

‘Two Spirit’ — Fred Martinez

There’s been some talk here on Instant Tea this week about the documentary Out in America and whether or not KLRU, the PBS channel in Austin, would air it during Gay Pride Month. I am proud of the LGBTs in Austin — especially Meghan Stabler — for speaking out and getting KLRU to add the film to its Jun line-up.

But it seems that there is another important documentary that may have gotten a bit overlooked in the meantime. It’s called Two Spirits, and it weaves the story of a 16-year-old Navajo boy, Fred Martinez, who was murdered because of his feminine ways, and the history of many Native American tribes who considered what we now call LGBT people to be  gifted individuals who had an honored place in society. They called them “two spirits.” You can watch a trailer for the film below.

—  admin

UPDATE: Austin’s KLRU adds ‘Out in America’

Meghan Stabler

On Tuesday we told you that Austin’s PBS station, KLRU, had no plans to air Out in America, a major new documentary about the American LGBT experience that reportedly will be shown by 80 percent of affiliates nationwide during Pride month. KLRU’s decision not to air the program raised the ire of LGBT advocates and led to a petition calling for the station to reconsider. Meghan Stabler, a board member for the Human Rights Campaign who lives in Round Rock and first raised the issue, reports today on Facebook that KLRU has now agreed to air Out In America:

Some good news. Last night I attended KLRU Austin’s airing of ‘Two Spirits’. This was a showing ahead of the on-air date of the documentary and whilst there I had the chance to meet with a number of KLRU executives regarding ‘OUT in America’. The conversations were cordial and I detailed the new documentary and its importance in sharing the personal stories.

Following those conversations I received the following email regarding OUT in America:


Wanted to formally introduce myself via email. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you last night at the Community Cinema screening of Two Spirits.

I wanted to let you know that I emailed several of my colleagues last night asking them to reconsider airing Out in America this month.  I am happy to tell you that we are going to change our schedule and air the program this Sunday.  I  am still waiting for the time/tune-in information.   But wanted to let you know.

Will email again when I have the times.

Thanks again for watching KLRU and being such an engaged viewer!



Maury Sullivan

Sr. VP – Community Engagement


Stabler later said that Out in America is now scheduled to air at 7 p.m. Sunday on KLRU. The documentary aired on Dallas’ PBS station, KERA, on Monday night. It will re-air at 3 a.m. Sunday on KERA.

—  John Wright

Austin PBS affiliate won’t air ‘Out in America’

Meghan Stabler

Did anyone catch Out in America on KERA on Monday night? As we dutifully informed you, the major new documentary from PBS about the American LGBT experience, which has gotten rave reviews from advocates, aired in Dallas two days before it is scheduled to air on most PBS stations around the country — at 7 p.m. Central time on Wednesday. A KERA rep explained to Instant Tea that the station had a timeslot open Monday night to air the documentary as part of its pledge drive, but won’t be showing it again Wednesday, which is a live night. Out in America is scheduled to re-air at 3 a.m. Sunday on KERA. Depending on how many pledges it generates, Out in America could also re-air on KERA later in the month, the representative told us.

Meanwhile, down in Austin, controversy is brewing over Out In America. Meghan Stabler, a board member for the Human Rights Campaign who lives in Round Rock, reports that the PBS affiliate in the capital, KLRU, has no plans to air Out in America during Pride month:

A major documentary about the American LGBT experience (“OUT in America”) will premiere nationally this week. Unfortunately here in Austin, the most liberal of cities in Texas, maybe the only liberal city in Texas, the local PBS station, KLRU,  is not scheduled to air it. …

After researching the monthly schedule for KLRU I noticed that while over 80 percent of the national PBS Stations are planning to run the documentary, KLRU has no plans,” Stabler writes. “The majority of airings will take place to coincide with Pride month, June. I contacted the programming department and received the following reply, “thanks … for inquiring about OUT in America. Currently our programming department said it’s not scheduled but they are considering it. Here’s a list of other programs this month to celebrate Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” …

I talked further with the programming department of KLRU. There answer was that this is a “pledge drive” program and they will not be running it. They have recorded it for potential future use, but as this was a pledge program they would not be running it in the near term. I wasn’t satisfied and neither should you be.

So I then talked with Maria Rodriguez, Sr. VP – Broadcasting at KLRU-TV (Beyondmrodriguez@klru.org or 512-475-9029). She confirmed what I had been told earlier that “OUT in America” had been offered by PBS National as a documentary for use during pledge drives, and that due to a shorter than normal pledge drive in June, KLRU had decided not to air the program. She could not confirm a date or a month that the documentary would be aired but assured me that some time in the year it would be. I informed her that the content of this documentary was about the lives and personal stories as told by our voices vs. a historical narrative on topics like Stonewall. But she said they were airing Stonewall Uprising and two others for the GLBT community and that KLRU felt that was all that would be done.

Unfortunately a new documentary that does a beautiful job of capturing the richness and complexity of what it means to be LGBT at this particular moment in American history, and does so in an warm, humorous and genuine way, fails to get air time in Austin. That doesn’t cut it for me. “OUT in America” is a collection of our voices airing the struggle for equality in love, relationships, work and transition. The other programming, while offering a repeat documentary on the history of Stonewall and a new documentary called “Two Spirits” about the Navajo Indian traditions and the brutal slaying of Fred Martinez a Navaho “two-spirit” transgender youth, could still be bolstered by the scheduling of “Out in America.”

A petition has been launched at Change.org calling for Austin’s KLRU to air Out In America. If you’d like to encourage KERA to re-air the program in Dallas later this month, the station’s representative said to call 800-456-5372, mention Out in America, and make a contribution.


—  John Wright

‘Out in America’ premiers tonight on KERA

Out In America, a major documentary from PBS on the American LGBT experience, doesn’t premiere until Wednesday in most U.S. cities. But for those of us lucky enough to be in Dallas, the show will air at 9:30 p.m. today on KERA. (It repeats at 3 a.m. June 12, in case you’re wondering.) Below is the trailer as well as a full press release about the doc. And here’s a review from Bil Browning at the Bilerico Project.

—  John Wright