Is a Lame Duck ENDA Vote Nancy Pelosi’s Last Chance To Secure a Gay Rights Legacy?

A day after a report circulates that outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will call for a lame duck ENDA vote (a report that's already been shot down), the Bay Area Reporter runs the headline, "LGBTs express disappointment with Pelosi's speakership." Though please don't include the Human Rights Campaign in that list of "LGBTs."

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Watch: Nancy Pelosi’s ‘It Gets Better’ Video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s contribution to the “It Gets Better” campaign was released late yesterday, one day after President Obama’s own video hit the Internet.

Her encouraging message: “To anyone who feels different, to those of you who feel lost or think you don’t fit in, to those who feel singled out because of who you are — I add my voice to the chorus of parents, friends, teachers, mentors and leaders in your neighborhoods and across the country to say, ‘It gets better.’ You are not alone.”

Watch her video, AFTER THE JUMP.

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