Penis paintings link vandalism in Grand Prairie to spree in Arlington that included anti-gay slurs

Grand Prairie police are working with Arlington police to determine whether the same vandals are responsible for spray-painted penises that appeared on homes and cars in both of the cities recently.

Detective Lyle Gensler with Grand Prairie police said 10 residences had defaced homes and cars featuring vulgar images spray-painted between 2-6 a.m. Tuesday in the 900 block of Furlong Drive and 2700 block of Triple Crown Lane.

Gensler said several of the images were penises, which were also used in defacing 10 residences in the 1100 block of Crowley Road in Arlington over the weekend, during which anti-gay slurs were also spray-painted on a lesbian couple’s SUV.

Gensler said no biased words targeting race, religion or sexual orientation were used in the Grand Prairie incidents.

Investigators have been in contact with Arlington police and are looking into the same leads, he said.

“We actually are going to compare the two based on the way they were drawn,” he said.

As for the culprits, Gensler said it is most likely teenagers that are responsible for the vandalism.

Arlington police spokesman Tiara Richard said Tuesday morning that although the incident involving the lesbian couple “looks like a hate crime,” it’s too soon to say that definitively.

It’s up to the district attorney’s office to decide whether to prosecute cases as hate crimes in Texas. However, law enforcement agencies do classify cases as hate crimes for the purpose of reporting them to the FBI each year.

But Richard said the determination about whether to report the incident as a hate crime to the FBI won’t be made until the investigation is complete. She took issue with a headline on Instant Tea from Monday which indicated police weren’t “investigating” the incident as a hate crime. Rather, Richard said, Arlington police simply aren’t calling it a hate crime — at least not yet. The headline has since been changed.

“When it comes to criminal investigations, we let the investigation tell us what something is,” Richard said. “We don’t make determinations on the front end of what something is.

“It looks like a hate crime,” Richard added. “It looks like this couple was targeted because of their sexual orientation, and that’s a big element of the investigative process, and that’s part of what we’ll look into. However, until an investigation is complete … they’re not going to call it something that we may in the investigation find that it’s not.”

—  Dallasvoice

Le mort d’artiste

There’s a lot of death and sex in the new permanent collection at GMF

SHADOW PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS | Shine a light on a sculpture of penises and hands and they become silhouettes of the artists, right; Damien Hirst’s gruesome take on St. Sebastian with a calf carcass contrasts with a one-armed gorilla in the background, left. (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

When the Goss-Michael Foundation opened four years ago on Cedar Springs, it mounted mostly solo shows of British artists pulled from the substantial collection of the gallery’s co-owners,  Kenny Goss and George Michael.

Now, the GMF has new, bigger digs (in the Design District), a renewed mission and the real estate to show a broader spectrum of art.

The current exhibit combines pieces from the prior exhibitions, including Damien Hirst’s gruesome St. Sebastian, Exquisite Pain (a calf peppered with arrows trussed up in formaldehyde), Sarah Lucas’ Pepsi & Cocky (intertwined legs of two female ballet dancer) and Adam McEwen’s collection of fantasy obituaries, and in one place you realize: These are some twisted fucks.

Homoerotic sexuality and mortality are recurrent themes across the panorama of pieces here, often in fascinating ways (as if the theme itself weren’t fascinating enough). Chief among the intriguing works:  A sculpture of penises and human hands which cast shadows of the artists and

The color combo of the video portrait of co-owner George Michael will never be seen again. (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

explicit drawings of sex that are creepily authentic. You won’t see this stuff anywhere else. And that’s enough reason to seek it out.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

Goss-Michael Foundation, 1405 Turtle Creek Blvd. Through Feb. 28, 2011. Free.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 3, 2010.

—  Michael Stephens

Australia’s Stupid Requirement Trans Men Turn Vaginas Into Penises to Become Women

I continue to be amazed that a human being actually needs to ask somebody else, let alone a government body that is a man-made construct, to be allowed to be a certain gender. Like the two trans men in Australia who have to sue their own government in order to be considered male, because after winning in court the right to check "M," the attorney general got worried that somebody who is male could still bear children, and that would confuse everyone, so the office appealed and was shot down, sort of, by the Court of Appeal, which said fertility isn't a factor, but having male genitalia is, and because the two trans men didn't have below-the-waist surgery, they're still women. So unless they pay, like, tens of thousands of dollars, they must just … deal.


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—  John Wright