Death: Stan Wisniewski

Stan Wisniewski, 51, of Dallas, died just prior to Thanksgiving 2010. A native of Pennsylvania and Ohio, he had lived in Dallas since 1985 and worked as a courier, clerked at Honda Mechanics and Sales, and warehoused at MJ Designs, finally settling into a seven-year career at Walgreen’s. Wisniewski was a generous giver who volunteered at Resource Center Dallas and at the center’s food pantry. He had a friendly and happy-go-lucky demeanor that brought him many friends who will miss him sorely.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition Feb. 18, 2011.

—  John Wright

News: Steve Jobs, Mammoth, Facebook, J Lo, Pennsylvania, NOM

Road President Obama's Martin Luther King Jr. Day proclamation.

RoadFacebook now sharing your home address with developers: "A post on Saturday by Jeff Bowen in Facebook's developer support team explained that users' addresses and mobile phone numbers are being made available on the development platform through a number of APIs."

Jobs RoadSteve Jobs taking second medical leave of absence from Apple: "At my request, the board of directors has granted me a medical leave of absence so I can focus on my health. I will continue as CEO and be involved in major strategic decisions for the company. I have asked Tim Cook to be responsible for all of Apple's day to day operations. I have great confidence that Tim and the rest of the executive management team will do a terrific job executing the exciting plans we have in place for 2011. I love Apple so much and hope to be back as soon as I can. In the meantime, my family and I would deeply appreciate respect for our privacy."

RoadJake Gyllenhaal's Golden Globes date.

RoadHopes dim for statewide LGBT anti-discrimination laws in Pennsylvania.

RoadGay activists in Australia accuse New South Wales' leading HIV/AIDS health service of squandering millions of dollars in taxpayer money: "Gay rights campaigner Gary Burns, HIV lobbyist Shayne Chester and journalist Peter Hackney have demanded the state government 'demolish' ACON, formerly known as the AIDS Council of NSW. The trio alleged the service, which specialises in HIV prevention, care and support, received .6 million in government funding last year but spent only 0,000 on programs and services."

RoadFresh beef hits the Globes red carpet.

Mammoth RoadJapanese scientist says he can clone Wooly Mammoth.

RoadNew England Republicans warming to marriage equality?

RoadGabrielle Giffords now breathing on her own.

RoadIrish-Brazilian couple are first to have civil partnership recognized: "Cunningham and Vilar, a Brazilian citizen, held their civil partnership ceremony in Northern Ireland last year. Ireland officially began to recognise civil partnership in the Republic on 13 January 2011 – and that date was also the very day the couple visited the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service to try to sort out Vilar’s residency."

RoadListen: J Lo's cover of a classic Bananarama track.

RoadMale model fix: Julian Schratter.

Cathlics RoadNOM suggests that same-sex marriage supporters are vandalizing Catholic churches.

RoadCameroon government upset that EU is funding LGBT groups: "The EU is funding the 'Project for Assistance and Guidance to Sexual Minorities' with €300,000. The project is backed by the associations Sid'ado, Cofenho (the Collective of Families of children with homosexuals), and Association to Defend Homosexuals (ADEFHO), the main LGBT rights group founded by Alice Nkom, a well-known Cameroonian lawyer."

RoadStudent at Halton Catholic school in Ontario, Canada speaks out for Gay-Straight Alliances: "My school is not very open. Most kids just don’t come out. They’re afraid. When I came out in Grade 9, I was bullied pretty bad. It would have been really nice to have a GSA for support…Kids should be able to call the group what it is and use the word 'gay' in the title. A GSA means acceptance. It means kids are not alone. It means they are not shunned."

Towleroad News #gay

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Working Together in Pennsylvania

HRC’s Sultan Shakir and Marty Rouse, EqPA’s Ted Martin, ACLU’s Andy Hoover, EqPA’s Allyson Hamm, and Jesse Salazar from the staff of PA Senator Bob Casey

Earlier this week, I was on-hand for a town hall meeting on GLBT issues in Philadelphia. HRC’s Regional Field Organizer, Sultan Shakir, a Philly native, was also on-hand.

HRC has teamed up with Equality Pennsylvania and ACLU-PA to conduct meetings across the Keystone state to inform PA’s LGBT community members and their allies about the state of equality in their state, as well as to hear from them about their concerns.

The William Way Community Center’s 2nd floor was standing room only to hear from PA’s GLBT leaders as well as some of Philadelphia’s elected officials.

What struck me most about this evening meeting was how informed and engaged Philly’s GLBT community is.

We heard from a gay veteran who was grateful for where we are on the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We heard from young people eager to see more racial diversity in our movement. We heard from elected officials who were going out of their way to show their support for GLBT issues.

As Equality Pennsylvania gears up for the legislative battle to stop a constitutional amendment on the definition of marriage going forward, it also continues its strategic work to pass non-discrimination ordinances all across this battleground state.

The Human Rights Campaign is proud of our partnership with Equality Pennsylvania and thank them for their continued work for equality for all.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

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Making Every Vote Count in Pennsylvania

The following post comes from  Field Intern Alex Conlan. Alex is just one of 30 HRC staff that will be on the ground in 16 states by Election Day, working with HRC-endorsed candidates and engaging our membership about the upcoming elections:

Here in Bucks County, I’m out for Patrick Murphy, working to remind people to return their absentee ballots.  With ballots due this Friday, October 29th, this is our last weekend to get out and remind people who can’t vote at the polls that their vote can still be counted.  A number of people told me they were glad I came because they’d forgotten that they had received the ballot. That is exactly why I’m out here engaging voters.

One guy, whose wife was voting absentee, asked for a lawn sign.  I’m glad I stocked up! Whether it is handing out signs, encouraging our members to make their voice heard or reminding people to cast their absentee ballots, I am so proud to be out here working with HRC staff and volunteers to make a difference in such an important election.

Murphy is one of our strongest allies, and he is in a tough race this year. With Election Day just a week away, I will be out here doing everything I can to engage members and reminding everyone I meet that Patrick Murphy supports LGBT Americans.

Paid for by the Human Rights Campaign PAC and authorized by Patrick Murphy for Congress

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

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HRC Voluteers Organize Across Pennsylvania

The following is from HRC Regional Field Director Sultan Shakir:

As November approaches, I have been working alongside groups like Equality Pennsylvania, Stonewall Democrats, Liberty City Democratic Club and our members throughout the Keystone state organizing Pennsylvanians to get involved during the upcoming midterm elections. Up and down the Turnpike, I have met with outstanding volunteers who want to make a difference this November. 

From Pittsburg to Allentown, Harrisburg to Philadelphia, We’ve been reaching out to our members in Pennsylvania to make a difference. I recently spent an evening dialing in with some outstanding volunteers in Philadelphia; we had an amazing evening calling members across the state and had a blast while doing it.

I want to thank all of our volunteers who have come out so far to make a difference in their state. I look forward to working with them and the many others who will join us as the pace picks up prior to elections.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

—  John Wright

PENNSYLVANIA: Israeli Intelligence Outfit Spying On LGBT Groups For The State

Saying he is “appalled” at the revelation, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has ordered his state’s Homeland Security agency to stop spying on LGBT groups and other activism movements.

Information about an anti-BP candlelight vigil, a gay and lesbian festival and other peaceful gatherings became the subject of anti-terrorism bulletins being distributed by Pennsylvania’s homeland security office, an apologetic Gov. Ed Rendell admitted. Rendell, who claimed he’d just learned about the practice, said Tuesday that the information was useless to law enforcement agencies and that distributing it was tantamount to trampling on constitutional rights. [snip] “I am deeply embarrassed and I apologize to any of the groups who had this information disseminated on their right to peacefully protest,” Rendell said at an evening Capitol news conference.

The spying was committed courtesy of a 5,000 state contract with an Israeli intelligence firm called the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response. According to the ITRR’s website:

All of the information ITRR’s staff creates is sent to its monitoring center in Jerusalem, where it is analyzed and verified with other local sources. “We never have just one member of the ground truth network in a country,” Perelman said. Right now, the institute has more than 15 people in the field. “We are constantly cross checking with ground truth sources and communications that we receive through other means.” ITRR’s network is global but not all countries are currently monitored. “If a client feels the need for coverage in a particular area we will obtain the information and coverage,” Perelman said.

More on this as it develops…

(Tipped by JMG reader Ian)

Joe. My. God.

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Relic Pat Boone commentary: ‘The mosque at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’

Remarkably preserved crooner Pat Boone has a commentary up at WND that boggles the mind, “The mosque at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” You have to read this crap to believe it — it’s TEH CRAZEE from beginning to end. Now I understand just how unbalanced these “Obama is a Muslim” are despite actual facts they have to disbelieve. The aging crooner:

While the controversy still rises and rages on, around the proposed “Cordoba House” mosque and Muslim cultural center right on the edge of Ground Zero, where the World Trade Center stood till Sept. 11, 2001 – there is a world-famous building, dedicated by its current residents to similar purposes, in the middle of Washington, D.C.

We call it the White House.

…He was elected president, as we know, having promised: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!”

Almost immediately upon assuming the presidency, he began to make statements claiming America was no longer a Christian nation and that America might be considered a Muslim nation.

…For two years, the president has scarcely noted the National Day of Prayer nor participated in it at all. You’d think a Christian president would be motivated otherwise. Muslims and homosexual activists have been invitees at the White House more than any Christian or Jewish representatives have; odd for a Christian, isn’t it?

His evidence (not sourced, btw) that there is something evil afoot:

“Barack Hussein Obama was born to an 18-year-old Caucasian woman and a Kenyan father. Virtually all his early influences, including his biological father and his Indonesian stepfather, his mother and grandparents – were socialists, atheists, and/or Muslims.”

“He went to two schools in Indonesia as a young, impressionable boy. One was Catholic, the other Muslim. In both, he was identified as a Muslim, and in the latter he was of course indoctrinated in the Muslim faith.”

He said publicly he “still love(s) the sound of the Muslim evening call to prayer,” and could still recite the appropriate prayers.

One of his close friends took him on a prolonged visit to Pakistan during those years, and the question remains about Obama’s passport. If it was American, he would not have been allowed in Pakistan – so what was it?

This kind of lunacy is why the White House had no business even addressing the stupid poll addressing the ignorant Americans whose views match Pat Boone’s. It does not matter whether the President is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist or anything else. They miss that point, but they are not in a reality-based universe to begin with.

And these claims of Obama creating a “Muslim America” because the President has spoken about Islam in a positive manner in the past are beyond absurd, given the influence of evangelicals in the political process in this country. What about the pressure of the religious right (Falwell, Dobson, Rick Warren, et. al.) that throughout the years has forced politicians to grovel and make bold claims of faith in campaigns when religion has no business in government.

Below the fold, some reactions to the column that were on my Facebook page. Hilarious.

Chuck Miller Sweet Jesus! He manages to be noteworthy even in the midst of the extremist babbling I have grown accustomed to hearing on a daily basis. This is something special. (But someone needs to check and make sure he didn't just plagiarize a Little Richard op-ed piece...)

3 hours ago ? Like ?  1 person ?

Redjade InHungary a**hole.

2 hours ago ? Like ?

Sue Katz I can't even bring myself to repost and inflict this garbage on others.

2 hours ago ? Like ?

Chaim Yosef BenEquality Always looking for attention. I take this as serious as his bath tub commercials.

2 hours ago ? Like ?

Alex Luck Not surprised at all!!

2 hours ago ? Like ?

Ted Mcguire I didnt know he was still alive....

2 hours ago ? Like ?  1 person ?

Maria Beardslee-Lakatos I don't think the imbecile IS still alive ~ he appears to have been embalmed in the pic. As to the senseless jibber-jabber, I will chalk it off to post-mortem senility ~

about an hour ago ? Like ?  1 person ?

Alvin McEwen and I ask the question probably for the 100th time. Had Pat Boone made good with the black artists who songs he stole?

about an hour ago ? Like ?  1 person ?

Renee Beauclair Twersky It's like Franklin Graham opened the floodgates.

about an hour ago ? Like ?

Katrina Rose Hey Pat! How about seeing if any of the occupants of that alleged mosque need any of that fake pimple cream you were hawking back in the 1970s even while knowing that it didn't work?

51 minutes ago ? Like ?

Tammy Lenz-Domike Maybe it's time to remind everyone of this (not safe for work, home, your monitor or much of anything else...)

Pat Boone's Dick In A Box? / Queerty

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Alvin McEwen the words "pat boone" and "dick" used in the same sentence wouldn't be safe in a nuclear containment unit.

29 minutes ago ? Like ?

Pam’s House Blend – Front Page

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UPDATE: Anti-gay-marriage bill defeated in Pennsylvania

This just in: The Senate Judiciary Committee in the Pennsylvania Legislature has defeated Senate Bill 707, which would have banned same-sex marriage in that state.

According to an announcement sent out by Sen. Daylin Leach, an LGBT ally in the Pennsylvania Legislature, this vote comes just two years after the same committee voted 10-4 in favor of a similar bill.

Leach said: “Since then there has been only one change in personnel on the committee. However, after speaking with my colleagues, I found that several members had grown increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of Pennsylvania continuing to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples and denying them the right to live in peace, dignity and equality.”

Leach credited SB 707’s defeat to a “bipartisan coalition,” and that he looks forward to “redoubling our efforts to bring full marriage equality to our great state.”

John Wright blogged yesterday about this newest effort to ban gay marriage in his home state. Read that post here.gde-telefon.ruкак определить тиц

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Pa. Senate committee to vote on marriage ban

This prick is from the same area of Pennsylvania as my parents.
This prick, Sen. John Eichelberger, represents the area of the state  where my dad was born and raised.

In my home state of Pennsylvania, a state Senate committee is expected to vote tomorrow on a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, according to a brief editorial in The Philadelphia Daily News. I’ve been uable to find any other coverage of tomorrow’s vote, including in the state’s largest LGBT publication, The Philadelphia Gay News. Similar proposals have been defeated twice before in Pennsylvania, in 2006 and 2008. This year the amendment reportedly was introduced by Republican Sen. John Eichelberger. Pennsylvania is one of 20 states that don’t have constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage. But same-sex marriage is already prohibited by statute in the Keystone State. From the Daily News:

Uneeded [sic] reform

USUALLY, we’re delighted when state lawmakers talk about reforming the constitution. State government desperately needs to modernize, but tomorrow a Senate panel will consider taking a step backward. The Judiciary Committee is set to vote on Senate Bill 707, which would ban gay marriage in Pennsylvania.During these tough times, we can think of a few better uses of the Legislature’s time. How about a constitutional amendment to require lawmakers to pass a budget on time? Or to shrink the size and cost of the Legislature? How about updating the state’s antiquated tax code or campaign finance reform? All of these would be better than a constitutional amendment about gay marriage.

Gay marriage isn’t even legal in Pennsylvania. Nor are civil unions or any other kind acknowledgment of same-sex couples. There is no need for a constitutional amendment to ban something that isn’t happening anyway.

If supporters of traditional marriage are worried about the erosion of moral values, it would be more effective to ban divorce. Nearly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.

We’re pretty sure gay people getting married isn’t the reason.

UPDATE: Write a note to the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee by going here. онлайн консультантзаказать контекстную рекламу в гугле

—  John Wright