Dallas Voicers bring Cowboys/Eagles rivalry to the office

Robert Moore, left, keeps it real while John Wright prepares for disappointment.

We had our own tailgate party this afternoon rooting our Cowboys on to victory over the Eagles in the playoff game Saturday. We noshed on chicken wings (Eagles? wings? Get it?) and Cowboys cake (Jason Whitten? Get it? Yyyyeah, you do.) to get us in the spirit. The hanging pom-pomed chickens also helped with visions of Super Bowl rings back in these parts.

But, of course, we had to have one blatant dissenter. News editor John Wright came in today boasting his Donovan McNabb jersey. Ballsy move, John Wright, ballsy move. You’ll see clearly, publisher Robert Moore, left, keeps it real while Wright prepares for disappointment.

Go Cowboys!

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—  Rich Lopez

Who has the tighter tight end?


I’ve heard several people mention over the years that they think Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten, right, is hot. But I’ve noticed that the now-first-place Philadelphia Eagles also have a hunk playing this position, Brent Celek, left. And I’m not just pointing it out because I’m an Eagles fan (although, as I mentioned, they are in first place as of last night). OK, better get back to work now …сопровождение сайта алматыопределения позиций сайта в поисковиках

—  John Wright