Texas GOP says we’re all gay?

Ah, the importance of grammar.

We all know that the Texas Republican Party, never in danger of being a progressive body, last week approved a state party platform that very definitely opposes LGBT equality. But a grammatical error on one platform plank seems to back up the idea held by many that the Texas GOP is controlled by not just a bunch of bigots, but a bunch of illiterate bigots.

As The New Civil Rights points out, because someone used the wrong verb, the party platform actually says that most Texans are gay and that homosexuality is ordained in the Bible. Check it out for yourself:

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—  Tammye Nash

Miss New York To Compete For Miss America On LGBT Rights Platform

Last July, Claire Buffie was named Miss New York after competing on the platform “Straight For Equality: Let’s Talk.” On January 15th, Buffie will be the first-ever Miss America contestant to compete in the name of LGBT rights. Buffie is a board member of NYC P-FLAG and works at the Genius Bar of the Fifth Avenue Apple store. Do I hear the sound of pageant-watching parties being planned all over Chelsea? Count me in!

Joe. My. God.

—  admin

How Come Nobody Gives Sally Kern Credit For Her Education Platform?

Sally Kern, the Republican Oklahoma state senator and warrior of homosexual terrorists, is facing off Nov. 2 against Brittany Novony, the transgender attorney who has a smidge less of a problem with queers. But can't everybody stop talking about the statement she made two years ago (which sooo wasn't gay bash-y) and focus on what she's going to do for school children. You know, besides letting them get taught about what Jarrett Barrios and his husband haven't been doing in the past year.


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—  John Wright

Texas two-step

Once again, today’s election is a two step process. Whether you voted early or are voting today, go to a precinct caucus at 7:15 after the polls close.

One of the things that happens is introducing resolutions. Equality Texas has proposed four for the Democratic Party and one for the Republican Party. Here’s what Equality Texas has to say about today’s vote:

When: Precinct conventions are Tuesday, March 2nd, at 7:15 p.m. in the building where your precinct has voted on election day. A notice should be posted at the polls to announce the meeting, and election judges should be on site to assist. If you are an “early voter,” check the precinct number on your voter registration card to determine the location of your precinct convention.

Why: The precinct convention approves resolutions that can, ultimately, determine the state party platform. The convention also elects delegates for the next level in the convention process, the Senate/County convention.

Who: Anyone who has voted in the party primary can participate in that party’s precinct convention.

To ensure that resolutions reach the state convention and are adopted, it is important to get as many people as possible to submit the same resolution at each level of the convention process.

The 2010 Precinct Resolutions:

Below are downloadable copies of the 2010 pro-equality precinct resolutions. Print these resolutions and bring them to your precinct convention on March 2nd.

Democratic Resolution:

Resolution Supporting Non-Discrimination Legislation (Democratic)

Resolution Supporting Accurate Birth Certificates (Democratic)

Resolution Supporting Safe Schools (Democratic)

Resolution Supporting Competitive Insurance Benefits (Democratic)

Republican Resolutions:

Resolution Supporting Non-Discrimination (Republican)mailbrutix.comметодики продвижения сайта

—  David Taffet