In Spain, Pope greeted by small crowds and gay kiss-in

The other day I reported on the head of the Belgium Catholic church assaulting the LGBT community by claiming that AIDS is “justice” for gays. I guess Pope (Ratzinger) Benedict heard and wanted to get in on the action. He went off on women’s rights, decried increasing secularism and gay marriage in Spain.

POPE BENEDICT has denounced abortion and gay marriage, recently legalised in Spain, at a Mass to consecrate Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia church as a basilica in another criticism of what he called Spain’s “aggressive secularism”.

Leave it to the Spanish to provide the pontiff with an appropriate welcome!

On Saturday the pontiff visited Santiago de Compostela, where he paid homage at the tomb of Saint James in the cathedral, and later said Mass in the main square before a large congregation – many of whom were pilgrims who had completed their Holy Year pilgrimage. Leader of the conservative opposition Mariano Rajoy, a practising Catholic, was present with his wife and took Communion during the Mass.

In both cities there were smaller crowds than expected; hoteliers, bar and restaurant owners complained over lack of business, and many locals were annoyed at the amount of money spent on the visit. Five hundred gays and lesbians staged a “kiss-in” along the route of the papal motorcade, and other groups demonstrated against the visit and the church’s opposition to contraception, abortion and same-sex marriage.

I’m quite sure the sight of all those handsome Spanish men kissing gave Her Eminence the vapors. ¡Viva España!


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Gay Kiss-in Welcomes Pope

BARCELONA KISS IN ONE X390 (GETTY IMAGES)An estimated group of 200 gays and lesbians staged a protest with a
five minute-long “kiss-in” in Barcelona as Pope Benedict XVI visited
the city to defend the Catholic church’s family values. Daily News

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BRITAIN: 20,000 Protest The Pope

Over 20,000 people attended this weekend’s “Protest The Pope” rally in London, where noted atheist Richard Dawkins slammed the the pontiff for blaming Hitler on atheism. More great photos from the rally are here.

Joe. My. God.

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Watch: Thousands Protest Pope Benedict in London


Thousands turned out in London over the weekend to protest Pope Benedict's visit to the UK.

Watch an excellent video diary on the march, AFTER THE JUMP

The Press Association reports:

Jesus "Organisers said as many as 20,000 humanists, secularists and human rights campaigners took part in the central London march – ten times the number expected. They gathered to air their opposition to the Pope's teachings on a range of issues from gay rights and women priests to the use of condoms and clerical sex abuse. The demonstration ended with a series of speeches from humanist luminaries, during which eminent scientist Richard Dawkins rounded on the Pontiff as 'an enemy of humanity'. Protesters gathered near Hyde Park Corner for the Protest the Pope rally. Some held aloft banners stating: "The Pope is wrong – put a condom on" and 'Pope protects paedophile priests'. Among those in attendance was human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who hit out at the use of taxpayers' money being used to fund the visit. He said: 'The Vatican isn't a state, it is not recognised as a country by the UN. To give the Pope head of state status is wrong and to give him immunity against prosecution is wrong – no-one should be above the law.'"

Pink News also has a write-up.

Watch clips of Tatchell and the march, AFTER THE JUMP

Activist Peter Tatchell on the Pope protests:

And a video diary of the 'PRotest the Pope' march:

Towleroad News #gay

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McKellan Joins Anti Pope Rally 

IAN MCKELLAN POPE PROTEST (TWITPIC) X390Ian McKellan joined the anti Pope rally in London over the weekend, and the Lord of the Rings actor wore a unique shirt to show his dissatisfaction with the Catholic Church’s opposition to gay rights. Daily News

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David the Dignity Dog to celebrate Pride

David the Dignity Dog and his tiger, which we’re told is stuffed and not real

With the paper almost three times as large as most weeks, we wrote and wrote and wrote this week but a few items didn’t make it into print. This was one of my favorites that got left out, about David the Dignity Dog who will be in Lee Park on Sunday celebrating Pride:

Among the booths in Lee Park after the Pride parade on Sunday will be the Doggy Watering Hole and Treat Station sponsored by David the Dignity Dog.

David is a 1-year-old, 100-pound bloodhound boxer mix lap dog. Speaking for David was his people Jim Davis.

He said that David cannot be trusted to hand out the treats so he, along with members of Dignity Dallas, will make sure other dogs get goodies.

Dignity is the Catholic group with outreach to the LGBT community. They meet in the chapel at Cathedral of Hope on Sundays at 6 p.m. for mass and fellowship meeting. Afterward, they go out to dinner.

Dignity will have treats for the people whom dogs bring to the booth, too. Davis said that last year they went through 1,500 Pope-sicles. He said they’ll have more on hand this year.

Davis stopped by the office earlier this week and assured us that David’s tiger is stuffed, not real.

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Mel Gibson’s Dad: The Pope Is Gay

In a radio interview Monday, Mel Gibson’s father told listeners that
the pope is gay and the Roman Catholic Church isn’t fighting marriage equality “because
half of the people there in the Vatican are queer.”
Daily News

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Vatican supporters strike back

Below is a scan of an ad that ran in today’s issue of The New York Times. The ad was paid for by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, and it ran on the Times’ op-ed page.

Apparently, the Catholic League is unhappy with the Times’ recent coverage of yet another sex scandal in the Catholic Church, this was reaching as high, possibly, as Pope Benedict, with some charging that the pope — back when he was Cardinal Ratzinger — participated in a cover-up of at least one instance of a priest being accused of molesting a child. So the Catholic League ran this ad that, in essence, blames the gays.

Pope ad

The articled referenced in the ad is “Vatican declined to defrock U.S. priest who abused boys,” by Laurie Goodstein. Goodstein and David Callendar wrote the article “For years, deaf boys tried to tell of priests’ abuse.” And today, The Washington Post published “Vatican defends Pope amidst Catholic Church sex abuse scandal,” by Anthony Faiola, in which some Vatican church officials seem to be trying to lay all the blame at the feet on the late Pope John Paul II.

What it sounds like to me is an argument between my sons — ages 13 and almost-11 — over who is responsible for the mess in the living room: “He did it, not me!” “Nu-uh! It’s his fault!” That can go on forever, and the end result is, the mess in the living room doesn’t get cleaned up.

I think it’s time for the leaders of the Catholic Church — starting with the pope — to stand up and say, “We either messed up, or we were in charge of the people who messed up. And either way, it’s our responsibility. And we are going to clean up the mess.”методы продвиженияуслуги раскрутка сайта москва

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Advice to Catholic Church on treatment of gays: Glass houses


Is it me or does the Catholic Church have no business doing any criticizing of the LGBT community? Here are some headlines I found today:

The BBC reports today that during the past decade, “the Holy Office received details of 3,000 Catholic priests reported by their Bishops to Rome for sexual misconduct or, even worse, crimes.”

The Vatican minimizes the importance by saying that only 10 percent of these cases, or 300 priests, involve pediophelia.


Sex scandal embroils Catholic Church in Brazil

Three priests being investigated.


Irish Cardinal Apologizes for Sex Abuse Scandal

This scandal involves abuse of as many as 15,000 children, according to an AP report.


Pope meets with German bishop amid sex scandal

From various German Catholic schools and an all-boys choir once led by the pope’s brother, 170 former students from  have come forward.


Vienna Boys Choir admits possible sexual abuses

Abuse of boys ages 10 to 14 goes back decades and involves priests, although the chior is not offically affiliated with the church.

That’s just from today’s news.

Yet, when Mexico City began allowing same-sex couples to marry last week, where did the biggest criticism come from? The Catholic Church.

When Washington, D.C. insisted that agencies funded by the government treat all couples married in that city equally, where did the loudest protests come from? The Catholic Church.

As Vera Carp said, “Glass houses.”

For more news about religion and how if affects the LGBT community, see tomorrow’s Spirituality section of the Dallas gamesпоисковое продвижение дешево

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