LGBT mayors around the world

Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit
Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit

On Monday, Jan. 4, Annise Parker will be sworn in as mayor of Houston. Houston will become the largest city in the world with a lesbian mayor and the second largest city with a gay or lesbian mayor.

Houston and Paris have approximately the same populations, the ranking might change next year with the new U.S. census. The number used here is the latest estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau and the official French population estimate.

California and New York are tied as the states with the most LGBT mayors (four each). Massachusetts and Maryland each have three. Texas has two. (A third, the mayor of San Angelo, resigned earlier this year). Florida and Oregon also each have two.

—  David Taffet

The Pink Glove Dance

OKay, somebody sent me the link to this video in an e-mail. Supposedly, when the video gets 1 million views, Medline will make a sizable donation to breast cancer awareness efforts.

The video features staff — and maybe a patient or two? — at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Ore., all wearing pink latex gloves and dancing to “down” by Jay Sean, featuring Lil’ Wayne.

Watch it. You can’t help but smile at it. And maybe enough people watching it enough times really will result in a donation to breast cancer awareness. And that is definitely something to smile about.

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