Private | Social closes for good

PS salmonThis Friday is our Food Issue, so as a kind of preview, I lament here the closing of Private | Social, the Uptown restaurant that was opened by Top Chef fave Tiffany Derry less than two years ago.

I liked the restaurant when it opened, and while crowds dropped off over time, the food remained good (and the beverage program was top-notch, too.) Derry left earlier this year, and a new chef, Najat Kanacche, was doing some remarkable things with molecular gastronomy. I ate there just last week, and enjoyed smoked salmon marinated in grapefruit (pictured — hanging from a hook!) and the grilled fish, as well as all the many clever courses the chef perfected in her short time there. I had hoped to write a follow-up review this week, but alas, that won’t be necessary.

No word yet on what will take over the McKinney Avenue space.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Tasting notes: Campo’s new chef, Derry’s “Top Chef” dinners, Good 2 Go couple in Uptown

Last month, I reviewed Campo, just as the restaurant was swapping out executive chefs. The new exec chef, Michael Ehlert, has taken over and tweaked the menu.  Yes, the chorizo fritters are still there, and the ravioli is now stuffed with lamb instead of duck, but a lot looks new, including a duo of beef, pan-roasted chicken and a tomato-leek compote, pictured.  (Hmmmm … maybe I should go back.)

Tiffany Derry, the fan-favorite Dallas-based Top Chef All-Star who opened her own resto, Private | Social, in Uptown last fall, is teaming up again with some of her Top Chef compadres. Each month this summer, Derry will team with a fellow cheftestant for a 4- to 5-course meal. The celebrity series starts June 19 with Kevin Sbraga, then Angelo Sosa cooks on July 10 and Carla Hall comes by for two nights, Aug. 9 and 10. The cost is $125 per person. RSVP at 214-0754-4744.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones