Cultural Environment in Bible Belt promotes Gay Hate Crimes

Another obvious hate crime occurs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These kinds of attacks are starting to get the attention and recognition from the local media that they deserve, but we have a long way to go before we are treated the same way as other suspect classes when they are attacked simply for being who they are.

Actually, a straight friend of mine was the one who notified me of this particular attack. He wanted to relay his experience at his day labor job site where he was working. He was disturbed that his coworkers, who consisted of four blue collar types, were not the least bit ashamed to laugh and make fun of the victim, during the segment on the local television news, while proclaiming, “Hahaha! That is what those f*ggots get for being there!” My friend felt compelled to tell me their reaction because he knows I’m active in civil rights for the LGBT community. If our government is serious about sending any message to our LGBT youth that “It gets better,” then they need to follow through on the promises made to our community that we will no longer be treated as second class citizens, and subject to state sanctioned discrimination and even violent assaults simply for being gay.

There is a pervasive cultural attitude by certain segments of society, especially in the southern United States, that LGBT people deserve to be attacked. There was a time when African Americans experienced this treatment and was completely ignored by the state. Imagine what would happen on a job site had an African American been assaulted and the workers taunted the victim by saying, “The (n-word) deserved what he got for being there!” Yes, less than sixty years ago those words would have been tolerated, embraced and even celebrated as part of the Southern culture. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now, even though they’ve simply chosen the LGBT community as their acceptable state sanctioned scapegoat.

Maybe next Thanksgiving we will be able to celebrate being more full and equal citizens of our own country? This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the resolve to never give up and keep fighting until we have every single right all other Americans enjoy.


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Attorney General Rob McKenna promotes ballot rehab effort for anti-gay candidates

Washington State’s Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna likes to portray himself as a moderate, as noted recently.  That false image was shattered when he endorsed numerous virulently anti-gay candidates in the 2010 elections.  

As if to reinforce the point that he is ardently anti-gay, on Friday Mr. McKenna posted an email (pictured right) asking supporters to do ballot rehab for two outspokenly anti-gay candidates Vincent Buys and Hans Zeiger.  Full email text is below the fold.

According to the radical-right 2010 Washington Voter Guide survey, Vincent Buys opposes domestic partnerships, opposes marriage equality and opposes a woman’s right to choose.

Hans Zeiger is even more extreme than Buys.  Besides opposing domestic partnerships, marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose, Zeiger called the National Education Association and the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network “terrorist organizations” and claimed that a Girl Scouts USA national convention “will be a gathering of radical feminists, lesbians, and cookie peddlers” and is “allied with the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood”.  In addition, Zeiger reportedly works for a radical right Christian organization dedicated in part to preventing lesbian and gay couples from marrying.

As of Friday, Vince Buys was only 150 votes ahead of pro-equality incumbent Rep. Kelli Linville, and Hans Zeiger was only 40 votes ahead of pro-equality incumbent Rep. Dawn Morrell.  With a recount imminent, campaigns are doing “ballot rehab” described as taking “the list of ballots that have been rejected by…County Elections due to signature issues and identify friendly voters and then collect signed affidavits to ensure that each of those votes count”.

Pulling out all the stops to get anti-gay candidates like Buys and Zeiger elected is not something a moderate would do.  Once again Mr. McKenna’s actions speak volumes.


* Attorney General Rob McKenna’s moderate facade hides an anti-gay plotter

URGENT: Help get our candidates across the finish line THIS WEEKEND


Election Day may be over, but we as Republicans are still fighting for every vote.

Please join myself and my team as we work with these campaigns on their ballot rehab efforts. Phone bankers, doorbellers, and drivers are needed THIS WEEKEND!

To assist the Steve Litzow campaign in the 41st, please call the KCGOP at 425.990.0404.

To assist Hans Zeiger in the 25th, Katrina Asay in the 30th, or Vincent Buys in the 42nd, contact Peter Graves at the WSRP: 425.460.0570.

Thanks very much for volunteering your time.

All the best,


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NAACP’s Ben Jealous visits Manhattan’s LGBT Community Center; promotes One Nation Working Together

This week history was made as the first visit by the President and CEO of the more than century-old NAACP to Manhattan’s LGBT Community Center. Jealous was there to promote the upcoming One Nation Working Together rally a coalition of over 150 groups from across the country committed to ensuring that everyone is treated equally. It will be held in DC on October 2. The coalition of over 150 groups with many different constituencies and missions, have bound together for the march to support equality, including:

  • Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or sex.
  • Expand anti-discrimination laws to be inclusive of everyone.
  • Respect all families.
  • End all forms of workplace discrimination.
  • Provide all children equal access to high quality education in a safe environment.
  • End all forms of discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing and housing.

The policy platform of One Nation Working Together is here.

Among the LGBT organizations that have endorsed One Nation Working Together are the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the Human Rights Campaign, the National Center for Transgender Equality, PFLAG National, the Equality Federation, the National Black Justice Coalition, National Stonewall Democrats, Immigration Equality, Lambda Legal, Pride at Work, UNID@S, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Lambda Legal, the Bronx Community Pride Center, Equality Maryland, and Equality Pennsylvania.

Jealous was peppered with questions during the event at the Community Center, that was covered by Gay City News.

A Rhodes Scholar who formerly worked at Amnesty International on issues of prison rape, the criminal justice system’s treatment of juvenile offenders, and racial profiling, Jealous earned a warm response from a crowd of more than 100 with a discussion about the possibilities for progressive change through coalition politics; his remarks showed him well versed in LGBT issues. Mentioning having in his family both HIV and a gender-nonconforming brother who’s been beaten up, Jealous talked about the NAACP’s advocacy for black gay student victims of homophobic violence at the hands of African-American attackers in a Coffee County, Georgia college; the school responded by kicking those assaulted out of their dorm.

“It is the NAACP in places like Coffee County, Georgia,” he said, “that is the civil rights institution, not the black civil rights institution, the people of color civil rights institution, the civil rights institution.” The group, he said, let the school “know that nothing like this would ever happen again.”

…Audience members who stepped forward to ask questions voiced appreciation for Jealous’ visit but didn’t hesitate to challenge him on sensitive and politically complicated matters. One questioner was direct in asserting that homophobia is a problem in the African-American community and pressing the NAACP leader to explain how the group proposed to address it.

The moment could well have been a tense one, but Jealous betrayed little defensiveness in his response. He acknowledged the problem was real and serious, but also argued that it was by no means one confined to the black community. He noted that the African-American community is poorer and has stronger religious affiliations than society generally, but said that as with white communities, acceptance of gays is strongest among better off and more secular black Americans, an analysis borne out by a detailed examination of the 2008 voting patterns on the Proposition 8 question in California.

One of the other questions put to Jealous was whether his civil rights organization would support the addition of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression as protected classes in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Jealous responded by saying he welcomed the conversation, and noted that the NAACP had not previously been asked to support this measure by the the Executive Committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, comprised of 30 members, of which the only LGBT representative is the HRC.

Here is video from the event.

Here’s the link for bus tickets from New York to D.C. for One Nation Working Together:

More below the fold.
My two cents

In 2009, the NAACP rolled out the LGBT Equality Task Force, a partnership with the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) to help address homophobia in the black community and the socially conservative religious communities (see Eddie Long’s woes, for example, for one pathology playing itself out).

Earlier this year I had a chance to sit down for an informal chat with Ben Jealous when I attended the NAACP Leadership 500 Summit earlier this year. He is sincere in support for LGBT rights and does understand and is frank, as he was at the above event at the community center, in acknowledging the challenges in his constituency.

To be blunt, the bulk of the NAACP’s membership is “well seasoned,” from the same generation that less likely to understand or support LGBT equality in large numbers. Couple that with a membership that is very wedded to organized religion, and you have a ship that will take a long time to steer in the right direction.

That’s why Jealous has deemed the Leadership 500 Summit the place where younger leaders of the NAACP can network, share ideas and resources because the org has a reputation for being out of step and out of touch with this generation’s black middle class. This is a major step in the right direction. I spoke with quite a few young people who are out there in the community having to fight the “old fogey” image of the NAACP, and are LGBT-supportive. These are the people who will be in leadership in the future.

During that conference I decided to become a lifetime member. Why? I found myself, as an out lesbian who discussed LGBT issues on a panel, quite lonely there. That has to stop and visibility has to be upped. I was not disrespected in any way, mind you – I actually had a nice conversations with a number of people who were supportive of points I made on the panel – but there were simply not many openly gay LGBTs there. None approached and self-identified. That needs to change as well to move the culture forward.
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