What’s Brewing: Gays still at risk for deportation; Ind. marriage ban advances; Midnite goes viral

Midnite and Bob Williams, the gay co-owner of Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle.

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1. On Tuesday we told you that immigration cases involving bi-national same-sex couples had been put on hold pending the outcome of lawsuits challenging the Defense of Marriage Act. But officials said later that the delay is only temporary and does not provide an opening for same-sex couples, as existing immigration laws will continue to be enforced. “We have to be very cautious,” Lavi S. Soloway, a lawyer for a bi-national same-sex couple, told The New York Times. He said gay couples should continue to understand that “if they file for immigration status, they may be putting themselves at considerable risk of deportation.”

2. After audience members interrupted the debate with chants of “stop hating, stop dividing, stop pandering,” the Indiana Senate on Tuesday approved a constitutional amendment that would ban both same-sex marriage and civil unions. The Indianapolis Star reports that in response to the chants, the Senate decided to close a balcony so the public was unable to watch the proceedings. The constitutional amendment, which already passed the House, still must clear another session of the Legislature in 2013 as well as a popular vote.

3. Bob Williams and Marty Polasko, the gay owners of the Ranch Hand Rescue animal rescue operation in Argyle, Texas, have made international news in recent days with the story of Midnite, a miniature horse born with a leg deformity who was neglected but is now running again thanks to a prosthetic leg. Already featured in the UK’s Daily Mail and USA Today, Midnite now gets a close-up from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and below is video from the Associated Press. None of the stories seems to mention that Williams and Polasko are a gay couple, but at least this should help with their fundraising. Congratulations, Bob and Marty — and of course Midnite.

—  John Wright

(Midnite can now go) Walking after midnight


We’ve published stories in Dallas Voice and here on Instant Tea about Ranch Hand Rescue, the gay-owned and -operated animal rescue operation out in Argyle, Texas. Bob Williams and his partner, Marty Polasko, take in animals of all kinds that have been abused and neglected, rehabilitating them and giving them someplace to live out their lives in comfort.

One of the rescue animals was a miniature named Midnite who has been having to navigate on three legs after losing part of his left rear leg to injury. On Sunday, Williams reports, Midnite received a prosthetic leg that allows him to actually run around the ranch.

Midnite came to Ranch Hand Rescue after being seized from his previous owner due to neglect. Williams said Midnite was underweight, malnourished and extremely depressed when he first arrived, in addition to missing a hoof and coffin bone, a condition that would have, under different circumstances, forced officials to euthanize the little horse. Instead, Midnite was moved to Ranch Hand Rescue where his lengthy, and costly, rehabilitation began. After the jump, Williams offers a description of that process:

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