“Confessions of a Mormon Boy” at Theater LaB

Steven Fales

Steven Fales

Steven Fales (ironically pronounced “fails”) was born Mormon, sixth generation in fact, what he calls “Mormon DNA.” As a good Mormon boy he grew up, became a missionary, went to Brigham Young University, got married and had kids. The only problem being that Fales is gay. After a failed attempt at “reparative therapy” he was kicked out of the Mormon church, got divorced, moved to New York, became a prostitute and developed a crystal meth problem. If the story ended there Fales would be like any number of queer people injured by their intolerant upbringing and lost to a world only too willing to offer alternatives to healing, but the story didn’t end there. Fales, a trained actor, got his life together and started doing a stand-up comedy routine that eventually became his hit one-man play Confessions of a Mormon Boy.

More than just another tear-jerking coming out story, Confessions of a Mormon Boy connects the behaviors learned by growing up in an environment that tells people they will never be worthy of God’s love with the allure of chemical abuse. The play mixes pathos and tragedy with a very healthy dose of comedy (and it doesn’t hurt that former call-boy Fales is quite easy on the eyes).  Fales has written a story not just for the LGBT community, but also for the Mormon community of his youth (it’s played four times in Salt Lake City). For a play about prostitution and drug addiction Confessions of a Mormon Boy is neigh-on family friendly, containing no nudity or cursing.

Fales performs Confessions of a Mormon Boy at Theater LaB (1706 Alamo) Feb. 8-12. Tickets start at $25 and may be purchased by calling 713-868-7516.

After the jump watch Fales perform the opening monologue:

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Call me Madame Governor

Gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis
Gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis

On this primary day in Texas, while we wait to see if Kay Bailey Hutchison makes it into a run-off with Gov. Rick Perry and if Bill White takes the Democratic nomination without a run-off, I found a much spicier story from New York.

Gov. David Paterson of New York came to office when Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned. Spitzer hired a prostitute and took her across state lines, a federal offense for which he was never charged.

Paterson has been a champion of LGBT rights since taking office. One of his first executive orders was to recognize same-sex marriages performed in places where it is legal. Later, he sent a marriage bill to the legislature that was defeated in the Senate.

During his first week in office, Paterson held a news conference to announce that both he and his wife have been unfaithful and had smoked pot and people can just get over it.  But poll numbers and a recent scandal sunk his re-election bid.

But someone who WILL be running for governor is Kristin Davis. Not the one from “Sex in the City.” This Kristin Davis, better known as the Manhattan Madame, spent four months in prison in 2008 on charges related to running the escort service that sold Spitzer the services that got him into hot water. Davis is running on a pro-same-sex marriage, pro-marijuana, pro-prostitution platform.

So in New York, the person who uses an escort service must resign as governor while the person who owns that service can run? And will lurid pictures of the candidate win votes? Even Davis admits it’s a long shot.

Her qualifications?

Likening politics to prostitution, Davis told Fox News, “They are all doing it for money.” Oh, and she said she was providing hookers for Spitzer weekly for five years — ever since he was the state’s attorney general.

And about her platform, she claims legalizing pot and prostitution will bring $3 billion in new state revenues. Even Farouk Shami didn’t promise that much.

So if Hutchison wins tonight, will she call on her New York counterpart to help her campaign? Just saying, it might make our dull Texas race a little more interesting.аудит сайтов стоимость

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Ted Haggard's back

the straight Ted Haggard
the straight Ted Haggard

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, mega-church minister and meth user Ted Haggard has started a new church in Colorado Springs. His career came to a sudden halt when the male prostitute he regularly visited identified him.

Three years ago today, he resigned his position at New Life Church with a 13-month severance package. According to the Gazette’s report, the conditions included not starting a new church anywhere nearby.

Mike Jones, the gay man who turned Haggard in, had this to say about Haggard on his blog:

“Ted Haggard certainly has the right to do what ever he wants and deserves to be happy in life.  But make no mistake: Ted does nothing by accident.  This will be in the press, two months before Gayle’s book is released and then his book to follow.  At this point, publicity is publicity.

“But to sum it up, if Ted and Gayle were at Disneyland, they would never leave Fantasyland.”

We’ll be praying for Ted.

— David Taffet

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