WATCH: Bearweek 2012

Videographer Hector Marcus Juarez continues to focus his camera eye on the fur with his latest vid. Juarez documented the last Texas Bear Round Up into three-plus minute video here. Now, as Bearweek in Provincetown has wrapped up, he has recently posted this video recounting the hirsute event.

And through all the quick edits, you can see he gave local Beardance founder Mark Trimble a couple of flashes of screen time. Otherwise, I’m told by Trimble’s partner and also BD founder Ami Sadeh (who tipped me to the video) that mostly Houstonians made up a big Texas contingent in the just-under-four-minute clip. Makes sense since Juarez is based out of Houston.

I did have a slight chuckle with the song choice. I never would have thought of P-town as “a hopeless place,” but the video ends on the sweetest note.

Watch Bearweek 2012 after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

Dallas circuit parties take on the holiday

EDITOR’S NOTE: These event are promoted by Dallas Purple Party, but not official events of the organization.

Whether you’re staying in town over the Fourth of July holiday or headed to P’town to party, you can keep a little bit of Dallas with you.

Dallas Purple Party has two big events set this Saturday. At The Brick, Drag Racer Nina Flowers will be joined by DJ William Umana, pictured, for a show and meet-and-greet, starting at 11 p.m. (no cover charge before then). Then get your flag waving at 3025 Main St. for DJ Oren Nizri and DJ Paul Kraft.

But you can also help the Purple Party raise money for HIV/AIDS in Massachusetts, with parties all weekend at the Crown & Anchor (featuring the likes of Roland Belmares and Alyson Calagna) and DJ Joe Gauthreaux at Cameo on July 3.


—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Going to Provincetown? Watch Out for Great White Sharks


Large groups of seals have become more prevalent in the waters off of Cape Cod in recent years, and that has attracted predators like Great White Sharks, though this is the first one spotted this far north in Massachusetts this summer.

A family at the beach on the Provincetown/Truro border at High Head watched a Great White Shark attack a seal and got most of it on film.


Towleroad News #gay

—  John Wright