Poll numbers show drop in support for same-sex marriage among TX voters


A Public Policy Polling poll released today shows that 61 percent of Texas voters favor either same-sex marriage or civil unions.

That percentage is down from a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll in October that found 69 percent supported relationship recognition for gay couples.

PPP surveyed 500 Texas voters from Jan. 24-27 and the poll has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points. The UT/TT poll surveyed 800 voters from Oct. 15-21 and has a margin of error of 4.22 percentage points.

In the PPP poll, 28 percent of Texas voters supported civil unions and 33 percent were in favor of same-sex marriage.

When broken down by liberal and conservative voters, 59 percent of voters who identified as very liberal thought same-sex couples should be able to get married compared to 9 percent of voters who identified as very conservative.

As for civil unions, 41 percent of somewhat conservative voters and 24 percent of very conservative voters favored them while 14 percent of very liberal voters and 18 percent of somewhat liberal voters favored them.

Additionally, women were in support of same-sex marriage more than men with 37 percent supporting it compared to 26 percent of men. For those who didn’t support any relationship recognition, 30 percent were women and 43 percent were men.

—  Dallasvoice

Public Policy Polling: Perry particularly unpopular

Gov. Rick Perry in a parody of his "Brokeback" video

If a Public Policy Polling poll is correct, Rick Perry may be in his last term in office.

According to PPP, only 29 percent of Texas voters think Perry should run for governor again in 2014 and fewer still — just 19 percent — think he should run for president again.

The ever-resilient governor could still win another term in Austin, however. Of Republicans polled, 49 percent would like to see the governor run again.

With his campaign only suspended, Perry is still technically running for president and will appear on the Texas primary ballot. His campaign was marked by gaffes and insults and his “Brokeback” YouTube video remains one of the most “unliked” on the site.

The poll found that Texans think LBJ was the best of the Texas presidents with 39 percent. George W. Bush is next at 22 percent and his father gets 19 percent. That adds up to only 80 percent. Possibly the other 20 percent polled couldn’t stomach any of them.

Although George H.W. Bush was the least great Texas president, he has the highest favorability rating at 54 percent. People like him — out of office.

Kay Bailey Hutchison had an approval rating of 50 percent. Interesting she did so miserably in the race against the governor. Guess he wasn’t so unpopular before he ran for president.

—  David Taffet