Question: Does Candidate Rahm support marriage equality?

Political Wire reports that Rahm Emanuel could be quitting his job “within weeks” to begin his campaign for Mayor of Chicago. He wants out so badly he may leave before the midterm elections — the elections that could be a disaster thanks, in part, to Rahm’s failed strategy.

Chief of Staff Rahm has been one of the leading political homophobes in the White House. He still thinks it’s 1993. You think it’s a coincidence that the White House did almost nothing to fight the GOP filibuster of the Defense bill? It was a concerted strategy.

So, what’s Rahm going to do as a mayoral candidate?

Mayor Richard Daley has been a strong and vocal supporter of marriage equality for years.

Where does candidate Rahm stand on marriage? Maybe one of those way inside pundit types can ask him.

And, I hope the LGBT community in Chicago won’t give Rahm a pass. Hospital visits, which is the one policy for which Rahm claims credit, don’t constitute equality.


—  John Wright

Olbermann on marriage (again): ‘It is solely a question of love’

Tonight, Keith Olbermann replayed his comment on Prop. 8 from November 10, 2008.


—  John Wright

GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirks’ ex-wife gives weird answer to question whether Kirk is gay

Chicago Magazine:

CF: What about the rumors that Mark Kirk is gay?

KV: That’s been going on since he first ran. It’s highly unusual for a man to have been married to a woman for eight years and not produced children. And it’s unusual for a man to have not been married until he’s 40 years old. [Kirk was 41]. So people get suspicious. It’s human nature. When we don’t understand something, we want to attach an explanation to it. It’s not an accurate explanation that Mark is gay, but nevertheless, that’s how some people choose to reconcile it.

It’s not an accurate explanation? Weird way to deny your ex is gay. How about, he’s not gay. It’s not an accurate explanation? Try this. Ask your wife, husband, father, mother, child – anyone you know who is straight – if they’re gay. See if any of them – any of them – respond with “it’s not an accurate explanation.” I’m gonna bet the house that no one does.

So is she suggesting he’s bisexual? Chicago Magazine took this as a denial. It’s not quite a denial actually. It sounds like she’s hedging.


—  John Wright