Vatican compares child abuse scandal to anti-Semitism


The Vatican is saying that accusations against the pope and the Catholic Church in the sex abuse scandal are like the “collective violence” suffered by the Jews. The Associated Press reported that the Pope defended the church against the current scandal.

The comparison is heinous. The Vatican is comparing criminal activity by members of their church to the murder of Jews during the Holocaust, the Inquisition and other periods of history.

Most disgusting part of the comparison is that another group targeted in large numbers during the Holocaust were priests and nuns. To compare those killed by the Nazis to those abusing children is unconscionable.

The Vatican continues to ignore one teeny little fact. Molesting children is criminal, as well as immoral. Sheltering those who committed those crimes is also a criminal activity. And no one is accusing ALL priests of doing these things.

Speaking for the Vatican, Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa continues to show his ignorance by talking about the “coincidence” that Passover falls the same week as Easter celebrations.

The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. The two holidays inextricably intertwined. But history seems to have to relevance to this Vatican.

Prosecuting child molesters is no different to this pope than slaughtering people because of their religion. I didn’t realize that child abuse was a Catholic value and that stopping it makes law enforcement officials in countries around the world anti-Catholic.

If the pope wants to make a comparison, he might trying comparing the surviving victims of abuse by priests to survivors of anti-Semitic hatred.vzlomat-wifi.comиндексация в гугл

—  David Taffet

Vatican supporters strike back

Below is a scan of an ad that ran in today’s issue of The New York Times. The ad was paid for by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, and it ran on the Times’ op-ed page.

Apparently, the Catholic League is unhappy with the Times’ recent coverage of yet another sex scandal in the Catholic Church, this was reaching as high, possibly, as Pope Benedict, with some charging that the pope — back when he was Cardinal Ratzinger — participated in a cover-up of at least one instance of a priest being accused of molesting a child. So the Catholic League ran this ad that, in essence, blames the gays.

Pope ad

The articled referenced in the ad is “Vatican declined to defrock U.S. priest who abused boys,” by Laurie Goodstein. Goodstein and David Callendar wrote the article “For years, deaf boys tried to tell of priests’ abuse.” And today, The Washington Post published “Vatican defends Pope amidst Catholic Church sex abuse scandal,” by Anthony Faiola, in which some Vatican church officials seem to be trying to lay all the blame at the feet on the late Pope John Paul II.

What it sounds like to me is an argument between my sons — ages 13 and almost-11 — over who is responsible for the mess in the living room: “He did it, not me!” “Nu-uh! It’s his fault!” That can go on forever, and the end result is, the mess in the living room doesn’t get cleaned up.

I think it’s time for the leaders of the Catholic Church — starting with the pope — to stand up and say, “We either messed up, or we were in charge of the people who messed up. And either way, it’s our responsibility. And we are going to clean up the mess.”методы продвиженияуслуги раскрутка сайта москва

—  admin