Kingdom Baptist makes the news in Fort Worth

Queer LiberAction activist Rick Vanderslic, left, gets up close and personal with a member of Kingdom Baptist Church in a November 2009 protest outside Fort Worth City Hall

Folks in Fort Worth’s LGBT community are more than passingly familiar with Pastor Joey Faust and his congregants from Kingdom Baptist Church. Faust and his flock have been bringing their Bibles and their megaphones to every LGBT gathering in town since at least late 2009 when they showed up to protest outside City Hall as the City Council was inside voting to approve expanding the nondiscrimination ordinance to include protections for transgenders.

(Dallas Voice staff writer John Wright took the photo above during that protest as Kingdom Baptist member squared off against Queer LiberAction activist Rick Vanderslice.)

The Faustian flock often showed up to “evangelize” during subsequent Queer LiberAction events in Fort Worth, and most recently, the Kingdom Baptist folks showed up at this year’s Tarrant County Gay Pride Parade, held on Main Street in downtown Fort Worth for the first time.

Now, Kingdom Baptist has made the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which today posted an article on its website about the street preachers and those who make it a point to confront and “mock” them.

Faust told the Star-Telegram that members of his congregation — who number about 100 and worship in Venus, near the border between that town and Mansfield — have been going to downtown Fort Worth on Friday nights to preach on the streets for about 10 years. He said they do it because the Bible tells them to, and that the Bible also warns they will face “mockers” as the end times draw near. And they aren’t just preaching about the sins of being LGBT; apparently they have a long list of targets, according to the Star-Telegram, from “baby killers” to “party animals.” They even warned moviegoers recently that the animated movie Puss In Boots, and all the movies showing at the Palace 9 theater, had “something Satanic” in them.

The Fort Worth newspaper says that folks out for a night on the town in Fort Worth are starting to fight back. Some stand around and make fun of the street preachers, and others write letters of complaint to Downtown Fort Worth Inc.

But as irritating and insulting — and idiotic — as we might find them, Faust and his flock have every right to stand on the streets and preach, as long as they don’t get too loud and violate the noise ordinances. I say let ’em preach, because I have every right to ignore their rants. I just hope, for their sake, they don’t ever try to confront my wife; she’s not as calm and peace-loving as I am.

—  admin

Postcards from B.A.: The obelisk

As I reported a few weeks ago, gay Dallas radio host Rick Vanderslice headed to Buenos Aires for the balance of the year, although he continues to host his Rational Radio show, Conversations with Rick Vanderslice, via Skype every Monday thought Friday at 2 p.m. Here’s Rick’s postcard from his first few weeks in B.A.

“Here I am at the Great Obelisk in the center of B.A. It was built in the 1930s to commemorate where the Argentinian flag was hoisted for the first time. Some 10 streets converge on this site, including the 9th of July Avenue which locals claim is the widest boulevard in the world. I would not argue the point.”

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Rick Vanderslice makes radio show international

By the time you read this, Rick Vanderslice has already been out of the country for a day and is probably lounging on the beaches of South America. Vanderslice, the veteran broadcaster, who has hosted a very gay, liberal-leaning talk show at Rational Radio for a few years, has decided to take a escape the revenuers and head south (well, that’s my take on it). But that doesn’t mean the show it going anywhere.

Rick called me last week to say he was taking about six months to head for Argentina — only his third sabbatical in a long career. He’s not sure how long he’ll be there, he said (probably six months or so) but until he’s back on Texas soil, he will do the radio show via Skype, every weekday afternoon. (It may be a week or so before they work the kinks out, he said, so be patient for its return.)

He plans to have a few more international guests as well, including a semi-regular contributor who will also Skype from Moscow. But he’ll still deal with some local issues, so expect Dallas folks to keep appearing on the show. (I’ll still be contributing on occasion, when they ask me.)

Rick is also gonna be sending the Voice updates from Argentina, little postcards about gay life in South America.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Talkin’ Prop 8 with Rick Vanderslice

Rick Vanderslice, left, speaks during last night’s Prop 8 rally at the Legacy of Love Monument.

Rick Vanderslice, whom I ran into Wednesday evening at the Prop 8 rally, sends along word that his radio show Thursday afternoon will feature a roundtable discussion about the ruling, what it means and what’s next for the LGBT equality movement. “The Rick Vanderslice Show” streams live from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Panelists will include Blake Wilkinson, Rafael McDonnell, Michael Robinson, Israel Luna, Jack E. Jett and John Nelson. Vanderslice was kind enough to invite me to join them, but alas, it’s production day here at DV, so I’ll have to make my debut on the show another time. The call-in number is 214-631-1360.

—  John Wright

I'm back on the Rick Vanderslice show today

So, I’m asking for more trouble, appearing as the guest on the first hour of the Rick Vanderslice Show from 1 to 2 today (I might go longer if he wants me). I will try not to be condescending. Oh, what the hell, I’ll be as condescending as I please. Feel free to call in. It streams on You can also see the live video stream, but I won’t be in the online mobileпоисковое продвижение сайта гугл

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

In case you missed it …


Our top 10 news photos from 2009 have been posted here. Above is my personal favorite, but then again I took it so …сайтпродвижение калининград

—  John Wright

DVtv: Fort Worth City Hall protests

I’m not sure what my favorite part of this video is. It could be when the anti-gay protester states that incest causes transgenderism, or when I ask Pastor Joey Faust whether his church is really in a double-wide trailer, or when Faust blames gays for the Fort Hood tragedy, or the confrontations involving Queer LiberAction’s Rick Vanderslice. I’m not used to the video camera — and you can tell — but as always DVtv Segment Producer Israel Luna does a great job piecing it all games downloadконтекстная реклама в интернете стоимость

—  John Wright

QL's Wilkinson, Vanderslice get in Mark Reed's face during last night's rally on Cedar Springs

I’ll have more on last night’s rally on Cedar Springs in tomorrow’s Voice, but for now I wanted to share this video of Queer LiberAction’s Blake Wilkinson and Rick Vanderslice confronting National Equality March organizer Mark Reed and his partner, Dante Walkup, during the rally. Wilkinson is apparently still smarting about Reed’s decision to cancel a plane ticket he’d given Wilkinson to attend the march over comments criticizing the event that were posted on QL’s Web site. During the confrontation, Wilkinson and Vanderslice get in Reed’s face and call him  a “piece of shit”  and a “slimy motherfucker.” Reed responds by calling Wilkinson “a fuckin’ liar.” I was paying attention to the rally and missed the whole thing, but Laura McFerrin captured it all on video and passed it along this morning. It’s definitely worth three minutes of your time.anonim-sprashivaj.ruгде разместить объявление

—  John Wright

Rational Radio gets even gayer on Sunday

Rational Radio, which airs on 1360 AM locally, already has a pretty gay weekend lineup with The Jack E. Jett Show on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Now, Sundays start getting gay in the morning.

On Oct. 4, gay radio vet Rick Vanderslice teams up with poet R.J. Jackson for the premiere of The Rick and R.J. Radio Show, a weekly two-hour chatfest that pairs a young Gen-Yer with a Baby Boomer. The inaugural guest is Lambda Literary Award winner (and occasional Dallas Voice contributor) Jenny Block. The second hour will feature interviews conducted during the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.

And immediately after, you can get your Jack online mobileоптимизация сайта отзывы

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Do we need a new game plan for full equality?


In response to comments on the post below about Mark Reed canceling Blake Wilkinson’s plane ticket, “Andrew” is proposing a summit of local LGBT activists — “a conversation for possibility” — to explore ideas for achieving full equality. In an e-mail sent to myself and Senior Editor Tammye Nash, Andrew argues that the LGBT communiity lacks any comprehensive, finite plan for achieving our ultimate goal. In the same comments thread, Queer LiberAction’s Rick Vanderslice previously proposed a rendezvous on Tuesday night at his pad, but Andrew has made a counterproposal: Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at La Madeleine on Lemmon Avenue, where he says he’s booked a private room. Alas, I’ll be on a flight to D.C. for the National Equality March at that time, so please fill me in on the game plan later. Personally, I think we should consider the wildcat formation. But seriously, you can read Andrew’s full e-mail after the jump.

—  John Wright