Name: Tracy Hayes

Occupation: Account manager for a logistics company

What do you do for fun? Motorcycles — especially with the Twisted Sisters — live music and cooking.

How might the community know you? I’ve been around since The Landing and when pb&j’s were 50 cents at the Bell Pepper.

What kind of bike do you own? A 1999 Titan Sidewinder and a project bike — a 1983 Honda 400 which will be a cafe racer when I get through with it.

Have you named your bike? Yes, her name is Roxie.

What’s a big misconception about motorcycle-riding women? That they don’t ride and sadly that they are still thought of as passengers.

Favorite road trip story? Well you never forget your first:  That would be the Arkansas State Hawg Rally in Hot Springs

What’s the sexiest thing about your bike? She’s my favorite color (orange) and has lots of bling.

Dream ride to…? I have a couple: Sturgis, S.D., and San Francisco for their Gay Pride Parade with Dykes on Bikes.

Is this a loud bike or quiet? Loud! Loud pipes save lives!

How do you feel to be riding in the parade?  We feel honored to represent our community.

Tell us about Twisted Sisters.  We began as the motorcycle escort for the Virgin Couriers in the parade in 1999, but for the last three or four years we have been our own entry in the parade. We welcome any riders who would like to participate!

How do you celebrate Pride? By riding in the parade!

So… do the ladies like a woman on a bike? I hope so! I always thought it added a rebel quality.

Is the person riding “bitch” ever not going to look like one? Or a bottom for that matter?  That’s why I have a solo seat! My girl has her own bike, too.

Hawg vs. crotch rocket? Hawg.

What is it about riding a bike that appeals to you? Everything: The wind in your hair, the sun on your face and — yes, it does happen — the bugs in your teeth.

How did you handle the heat this summer without A/C on your ride? Not very well, I must admit. I have been parked for most of the 100-plus degree summer, but I’m glad that fall seems to be close and I will get to ride more.

Is this your everyday ride? No, my daily ride is a Dodge pickup truck.

Helmet or no? No.

We promise not to tell the DPS.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 16, 2011.

—  Michael Stephens

Driver’s seat

Chaz Marie brings country rock to Razzle Dazzle, but it’s a Jeep that brings her there

Razzle Dazzle Days will pump up the jams big time over the weekend with lots of music: “Ice Cream Truck” rapper Cazwell headlines Saturday’s street festival, but he’s got a strong line of supporting acts. Among them, local singer Chaz Marie, who brings some Texas flavor to the bill with her country rock.

The Irving-based singer may not have to travel far to this gig, but she still needs the roominess of her car. With enough space for her gear and guitars, Marie talks up the easy ride of her set of wheels.

— Rich Lopez


Name: Chaz Marie

Occupation: Singer/entertainer

How might we know you? I sing all over the DFW area!

What kind of car do you have? 2002 Jeep Cherokee Laredo Sport.

Have you named her? Yes — her name is Meerie.

Why this car? Simple: I love Jeeps!

Good gas mileage? Meh… depends. It’s 20 city, 22 highway.

What are the rules of your car? You mess it, you clean it. And no complaining about the loud music.

Speed Racer or grandma? Speed. Racer. Definitely.

Best car memory: It’s a pretty simple one, but I just loved that feeling when I first got it and drove it off the lot, all shiny and new.

Funniest road trip story? One time, I drove off with my gig book on top! Fortunately, it enjoyed the ride. It stayed on because it got caught in the luggage rack.

What’s in your player right now? Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Deftones, Jack Johnson, Beth Hart, Janis Joplin and Maroon 5.

How do you rate this to previous cars you’ve owned? Seriously, this is the best car I have ever had. It’s classy and it’s fun, but it’s still sporty.

Sexiest thing about your car? Well, me driving it, of course.

Where is one place you would like to drive your car? I would love to take it through the mountains in Colorado to Manitou Springs.

How many gallons does it take to fill? 15.

Gas is a burden on the wallet now. How many gigs do you need to afford one fill-up? Thankfully, just one gig. At least for now.

Ever write a song in your car? Not yet.

So if we see the Jeep at Razzle Dazzle, can we shoe polish it like in high school? Absolutely!

Is this your touring bus? Oh, yes.

How big is your band and how many cars are needed for a gig? We are a five- to six-piece band, but we all usually drive our own cars.

Razzle Dazzle is super gay. How are your LGBT audiences different than your straight or mixed ones? Oh my gosh, gay crowds are so uninhibited. They know how to have a party and enjoy one!  Non-gay crowds do too, but, you know, they just need a little push to get the party started sometimes.

Where can we check your music out? Thanks for asking! You can find me on iTunes, YouTube and at

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 3, 2011.

—  Michael Stephens