Robb Conover opens new Pop (exploration) art show at Kettle Art in Deep Ellum

Tonight, queer artist Robb Conover makes a colorful statement with the opening of Sweet Bullets, the exhibit he curated for Kettle Art. The show features local artists Corey Godfrey, Dan Colcer, Daniel Birdsong, Tony Reans, Nix Johnson and Conover himself. Your likely to see a whole lot of bold colors, but he tells Kettle Art’s blog that it’s not just a Pop art show. From Kettle Art:

“We wanted a Pop edge without the show being completely POP. So, the name “Sweet Bullets” was coined by Corey. To me, its art that is fun and intense; as fast as a bullet traveling across the room and just as peaceful and sweet at the same time. We wanted to give Kettle-ites a new feeling of adventure after leaving the show. We want the audience to experience a journey that the walls at Kettle have never seen.”

Read more of what Conover tells Kettle here and see some of the works that will be on display through Dec. 10.Kettle Art is located at 2714 Elm St. The opening starts at 7 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

Ro2’s ‘Synclines’ art show closes tonight

Conover in sync


We’re used to seeing the bold and colorful Pop art of Robb Conover depicting comic book icons of late. Whether he’s giving his take on Wonder Woman or exploring a queer element to Batman and Robin as they kiss, Conover adds a definite punch to the local arts scene. His work has been seen in the gayborhood at Buli, Drama Room and Lucky’s.

He goes in a different direction, above, in Ro2 Art’s exhibit Synclines. Conover joins local artists Cabe Booth and Kevin Obregon, to present, what the gallery calls, new and unexpected works. The show closes tonight with a reception.

DEETS: Ro2 Art Downtown, 110 N. Akard St. 6 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

The Phelps clan won’t be here for 3 more days, but they’ve already helped raise more than $800 for some ‘fags’ in Dallas

Rafael McDonnell at Resource Center Dallas reports that the agency has already received 25 contributions totaling more than $800 for its “Hell Freezes Over” counterprotest fundraiser of Westboro Bapitst Church. WBC’s Phelps clan is scheduled to visit Resource Center on Friday evening, and RCD is using the opportunity to raise money for an ice machine for its meals program serving low-income people with HIV/AIDS. McDonnell said the contributions thus far have come from as far as New York, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

“I thought this would get a reaction from the community,” McDonnell said Tuesday afternoon. “I don’t’ think I anticipated the level of reaction to be honest. This thing has just spidered out through social media in an amazing way.”

Also, Brian MacDonough was kind enough to share some photos from a sign-making party Monday night at Lee Harvey’s, to prepare for the Phelps clan’s visit to Dallas, which also includes several other pickets Friday through Sunday. MacDonough said the group planned to gather again Tuesday  at Lee Harvey’s at 6:30 p.m. My favorite sign so far is the one gay artist Robb Conover is holding above, but the Phelpses would say that’s just because I’m a pervert. More signs after the jump.

—  John Wright

Conover cranks out new work for 'Stilettos and Candy,' which wraps up Saturday at Kettle Art

One of Conover’s pieces on exhibit — but not for much longer.

In last week’s Voice, we listed local artist Robb Conover’s show, “Stilettos and Candy,” in our calendar. The show is currently on exhibit at Kettle Art. Kettle owner Frank Campagna texted me yesterday that Conover has busted out seven new pieces just for this show alone. “Stilettos” already has 17 of his original artwork.

They were hanging the newest pieces up just last night, but the show is almost over. The exhibit ends Saturday and if you miss out, that would mean no stilettos and candy for you.доработкареклама строительных организаций

—  Rich Lopez

Local gay artist Robb Conover keeps busy with two art shows at the same time

Conover with work at OU Medical Center
Conover with his work at OU Medical Center.

Things are looking good and busy for Robb Conover. He’s doing two shows this month with one starting today. Conover seems on his way to conquering the Oklahoma art scene.

He first shows at the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City starting today through Mar. 30. The exhibit features a series of his signature abstract work.

The Dennis R. Neill LGBT Center of Tulsa commissioned Conover for two consecutive shows which is a bit of an honor for him.

“I was chosen to do two solo shows. They have never in the history of the center allowed a single artist to show twice and in a consecutive show. The themes and shows had to be dramatically different from each other. My first show started  Feb. 4 and goes through tomorrow and pertained to my abstract art. The second show, Pop Revolution, starts Thursday, Mar. 4 through Mar 30 and will exhibit my pop art.”

His works for this show features the likes of Wonder Woman, Madonna and Cher in comic book/Lichtenstein fashion. But his Batman and Robin is definitely a standout. Check it after the jump.

Conover is a sweet-natured guy and was gracious about the work coming his way.

“My art is kicking off like you wouldn’t believe and I owe a lot to the Voice for this happening,” he wrote.

—  Rich Lopez

Here's a peek at two out artists' works featured tonight at SEED in Deep Ellum

I’ll be making my way to SEED here in a couple of hours at the Sons of Hermann Hall but just wanted to give you a slight preview of what to expect. You can read about it in today’s issue or just by going here. The Art Conspiracy benefit can be a fun time and even offer up original art for cheap. Bidding starts at twenty bucks and if there are no other takers, you just scored.

Out artists Robb Conover and Erica Felicella join a slew of other artists auctioning off their works to benefit Art Con. Take a peek at some of the work after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez