Video: Pat Robertson vs. ‘their way of doing sex’

Just minutes ago on “The 700 Club”

Some of these radical gay groups are willing to do in

anything in the world to have their way of doing sex

legitimized by this country.


Yes, gays: Forget cigarettes. Mailing “Was I Legitimate Enough?” comment cards to Pat Robertson’s house is apparently the new post-coital trend.

Good As You

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Pat Robertson Reads God’s 2011 Housing Market Forecast, Verbatim

You must feel like a pretty lame human being, not able to hear the word of god so clearly you can recite his monologue word-for-word. But then you are not The 700 Club's Pat Robertson, giver of homosexual friendship advice, who says the lord spoke to him — using words like "interest groups," "fixed incomes," "bonds," and "get out of debt and restrict purchases" — and said that a reckoning will arrive by 2013. The creditors are coming! Also: locusts. Maybe.

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WATCH: Pat Robertson Says Marijuana Should be Legalized


You heard that right.


(via daily dish)

Towleroad News #gay

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Pat Robertson: It’s Time To Legalize Pot

Wait, WHAT?

Joe. My. God.

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