AUDIO: Tom Leppert records robocall backing Bobby Abtahi


Bobby Abtahi, left, and Philip Kingston


Some District 14 residents received a robocall from anti-gay former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert last week in support of City Council candidate Bobby Abtahi, who faces Philip Kingston in a runoff June 15.

But the Abtahi campaign is denying that it played any role in recording the Leppert robocall or even knew about it.

“We did not record that,” Abtahi campaign manager Kurt Watkins said.

Watkins said the call was done on Leppert’s own initiative and Leppert has not endorsed Abtahi despite the robocall.

The call highlights Abtahi’s work as a community prosecutor for the city while Leppert was mayor.

“I personally worked with Bobby,” Leppert says in the robocall. “And I saw his role as a city prosecutor the work he did protecting our communities. He made a big difference.”

—  David Taffet

Robocall Targets Gay D.C. Pol

JIM GRAHAM DC X180 (SITE) | ADVOCATE.COMAn anonymously released robocall went out to Washington, D.C. residents
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—  John Wright