iPad comes gay-porn-compatible

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

I love techno toys, but I’m also (1) cheap and (2) highly unskilled at maximizing their usefulness, so most of them languish around me. I don’t have an iPad (yet — birthday is next week, secret admirers!) but apparently Steve Jobs sent out an e-mail last week saying the revolutionary device was not porno-compatible.

Except the gay site RocketTube.com claims it is. And that RocketTube has been available for use on the iPad since Day 1. (It has something to do with the difference between Adobe Flash and HTML5 … again, see item (2) above.)

Since I don’t have the device to verify the claim, and had never heard or RocketTube until their chest-beating claim of Apple-friendliness, all I could do was check out the browsable website and can confirm that it does, well, stream free gay porn. Maybe to a device you can hold in your hand. Which begs the question: What do you do with your other free hand?siteраскрутка в поисковых системах

—  Arnold Wayne Jones