Roger Hazard drops advice for design dilemmas


Last week, contributor Rich Lopez interviewed gay home decorating hunk Roger Hazard before he heads to Dallas (OK, actually Allen) for the Collin County Home & Garden Show. Well, we thought before he comes, you might like some tips and advice for your own home projects. Of course, he’ll answer much more than this when you can see him live instead of just on TV — or on his and partner’s Chris Stout-Hazard’s websites <ahref=””> or <ahref=””> (their furniture line).

When should one edit their room/project?  I edit regularly. We all love collecting neat objects. It’s a natural behavior. But sometimes, it’s worth going through a room and temporarily removing all the little items. You’ll like the uncluttered room so much that you won’t put many of the items back. There’s nothing wrong with rotating interesting objects throughout the year. Just don’t feel compelled to have everything on display at all times.

Are popcorn ceilings in the whole house really worth taking down?  If you’re redoing a room, you might as well lose the popcorn ceiling. On the bright side, it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Just cover everything in plastic sheets, spray the ceiling with water, and use a texture scraper to pull off the popcorn.

Besides paint, what’s an easy/quick/cheap way to change a room’s look?  Move your furniture. Rotate the seating arrangement by 90 degrees. Borrow pieces from other rooms — try using a dresser from your guest bedroom as an accent piece in your living room. Move art around, mix and match throw pillows and accent rugs, and try breaking some design “rules.” If you don’t like the result, it’s easy to return to your previous look.

Does Pinterest fool us into believing we all can be designers?  Pinterest can be overwhelming. It’s best to start by finding profiles who match up with your design style and exploring from there. On my Pinterest account I file my posts into specific categories — kitchens, bedrooms, gardens, etc. Thus, if you don’t want to follow all of my boards (although I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t!), you can just follow the ones with the topic that is of most interest.

I started out by working with piles of design magazines, catalogs and books. Sites like Pinterest — not to mention all the design blogs — make it easier to reference images, but more importantly they give us access to homes that, while creatively designed, might not have ever made it into a magazine. I think it’s exciting to have a window into the design work that people, both professionals and just creative homeowners, are doing right now.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Ad campaigns we love: Roger & Chris Hazard’s Austin-based Decades

Most people will know Roger Hazard from his work on A&E’s Sell This House, but he and his partner Chris Stout-Hazard are full-on Texans. The partners in life and business are based in Austin and they’ve just launched their newest business venture, Decades. Self-described as “a purveyor of timeless, high-quality furniture, accessories and artwork” on their site, the couple bring their strengths between design and web savvy to offer some fabulous pieces.

You may recall that Roger H. has some Dallas ties — I spoke with him back in 2010. He and his partner got married last year, and settled into a nice Austin home which will only add to your interior design insecurities thanks to their Pinterest boards and are getting the word out on their new family biz.

Mostly their “ad campaign” seems to be web driven via social media, but where Hazard brings his cred from national TV, Stout-Hazard brings the quirk. He’s the one behind the clever, humorous musings on the company’s website (some of which can be found here). But it’s this video he posted on Decades’ site that is 4:05 minutes of brilliant and informative hilarity. A meandering monologue beginning with the company’s mission veers into tangents on caffeine jitters, a noisy fridge with a guest appearance by the family cat. It’s better than most company videos with paid actors hocking the goods because its actually quite endearing. I’d totally buy the stuff but in the meantime, I’ll just repin it on my own Pinterest board.

Watch the video after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez