Ladies' Lunch: A date with a Rusty Taco

I joined the Ladies’ Lunch gang yesterday to hit up the newest taco spot in town. Rusty Taco opened April 12 in the old Just Brakes location on University and Greenville. We weren’t sure if we’d have a motor oil aftertaste, but we were all about looking deep into this taco.

We pulled up around 11:45 to an awkward parking lot but snagged a spot quickly. However, we were a little distressed over this sight. RTaco1But that line out the door didn’t take too long and the ladies taking our orders were cool, collected and upbeat enough to forget the wait.

The menu is thankfully simple but the options are above average. And with every taco at $2, Chance and I splurged on three. Being the real lady of this lunch, Kristina ordered a dainty two. We dug the best bet of $1 chips and salsa. Major score.

—  Rich Lopez