Ex-employee of San Antonio Federal Credit Union starts petition, alleges gays can’t use restrooms

A former employee of San Antonio Federal Credit Union started an online petition Tuesday that alleges the company prohibits its gay employees from using the unisex bathrooms. Instead, the petition states gay employees must use the restrooms in the lobby.

The petition on Change.org entitled “Stop the discriminatory treatment of gay employees at San Antonio Federal Credit Union,” also states that gay employees are not allowed to discuss their families, as their straight co-workers can.

SACU was started in 1935 and was federally charted in 1989, according to the website. About 700 employees work at 18 branches in San Antonio and one branch in Houston.

SACU spokeswoman Paige Ramsey-Palmer told Instant Tea on Wednesday that the company doesn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation.

“We totally disagree and we respectfully disagree with the allegations,” she said. “We are an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and because of this we take these allegations very seriously.”

—  Dallasvoice