Starvoice • 06.17.11

By Jack Fertig


Meredith Baxter turns 64 on Tuesday. For most of the ’80s, Baxter played Elyse Keaton on Family Ties. She’s mostly been seen in TV films and guest-starring roles. In an interview with Matt Lauer on Today back in 2009, she came out of the closet as lesbian. Her memoir Untied was released this past March.


For the next few months we get a taste of the Uranus-Pluto square that will dominate the next five years. Recent political turmoil has just been the set-up for major crises and changes ahead. Astrologically it looks a lot like 1848, 1939 and the ‘60s. Buckle your seatbelts; it’s gonna get bumpy.


GEMINI  May 21-Jun 20
As dystopian as the future looks, you’ll find a way to thrive. Trust your instincts and reconsider the most important lessons you learned from your mother. Talking with siblings can clarify that.

CANCER  Jun 21-Jul 22
Frustrations in love and career are too big to solve by yourself. Fortunately you have some very wise and resourceful friends. As odd as their ideas may seem, they will likely help.

LEO  Jul 23-Aug 22
It’s easy to worry yourself sick. Arguments make it worse. Focus on your career. Working through sexual issues is healing. Quiet time alone gives you space to think about what you need to do.

VIRGO  Aug 23-Sep 22
Sharing your innermost thoughts will open up ideas for creative fun. On the way, you open up some difficult childhood memories. Resolving an ugly past can clear the way for a better future.

LIBRA  Sep 23-Oct 22
Your home and partnership are heading for big changes. Be generous and comforting in bed. Family commitments need to change. Be clear on what those are. Be adaptive at work.

SCORPIO  Oct 23-Nov 21
Obsessing on details leads to accidents and misunderstandings. Don’t neglect the important details; just keep it all in perspective. Your partner’s advice and practical support will prove helpful.

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22-Dec 20
Now’s the time to find a job you enjoy. Channeling your sexual charisma into the job search is helpful, but if you already like your work that charisma can go back to what it does best.

CAPRICORN  Dec 21-Jan 19
Trying to manage your family or community will backfire. Focus on having fun. If you’re looking for love, play at being moody, broody and intense; but remember, you’re playing.

AQUARIUS  Jan 20-Feb 18
Conversations open up deep psychological insights. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your family, no matter how odd. Releasing old tensions could have surprising health benefits.

PISCES  Feb 19-Mar 19
Reality is challenging your values and your plans, but that’s life. Adaptability and a sense of humor will help you stay true to your core while everything else goes crazy.

ARIES  Mar 20-Apr 19
Be very sure that your career is in line with your ambitions. Being unhappy on your job track will get you derailed. Contempt for authority is well-deserved but pick your battles strategically.

TAURUS  Apr 20-May 20
“Bad religion” is a subjective experience. Focus on your own personal beliefs; know where you find clarity, support and reassurance. Respect others’ paths while finding your own.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 17, 2011.

—  Michael Stephens

Starvoice • 05.13.11

By Jack Fertig


Grace Jones turns 63 on Thursday. The avant-garde singer, model and actress keeps a low profile lately, but gained attention for blasting Lady Gaga’s lack of originality and accused the singer of copying her style. She’s always been coy about her sexuality, but has had high profile affairs with Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Paul Goude who she had a son.



Mercury, Venus and Mars are all lined up in Taurus and trine to Pluto. Folks are digging in their heels, planting roots, not budging. Are you being any less intransigent? Try to meet people where they are and build cooperation by respectfully complementing differences.


TAURUS Apr 20-May 20
Don’t defend your ideas, but you may need to clarify them. Mundane tasks and working out can put you in a meditative state where those thoughts come together and find easier expression.

GEMINI May 21-Jun 20
Acting shy and quiet will enhance your sexual charisma. Sublimate that energy into something creatively brilliant — or invite someone to join you in sweet seclusion.

CANCER Jun 21-Jul 22
Bring friends and your partner together for some fun. Start discussions that will open up creative insights for you. Secrets may slip out too easily, but even that can lead to helpful perspectives.

LEO Jul 23-Aug 22
Your success depends on your commitment to work, which is clear to see. Blowing your own horn requires harmony. Don’t push or hold back, but work your charm.

VIRGO Aug 23-Sep 22
Treat new ideas as a game or a creative challenge. Having fun with new ideas will expand your sense of self and stimulate a clearer view of your goals.

LIBRA Sep 23-Oct 22
Cash in your unnecessary erotic charisma that is going to do you in. You’ll be sexier without it. Use that power for good and you’ll instantly pay off that imagined debt.

SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 21
Your intensity comes off as strong leadership qualities or control issues. Keep your ego out of the way and focus. Insisting that others help pushes them away. Learn from little Bo Peep.

You have to value your work if you expect others to. Your friends can help boost your confidence. Taking a long view can also help. Getting discouraged and screwing off is a spiral to defeat.

CAPRICORN Dec 21-Jan 19
You were born with a strong sense of propriety but still enjoy a wild and nasty streak that could channel creative brilliance. Sublimate at work, but let it loose in the right time and place.

AQUARIUS Jan 20-Feb 18
There’s no place like home, but you may wonder where the hell “home” really is. Meditate on what you want to accomplish in your life and then reach down to find the roots to nurture that.

PISCES Feb 19-Mar 19
Articulating the mad buzzing in your brain is helpful if you find the right situation. Keep it among close trusted friends. Focus on the future. What are your hopes for 10 years from now?

ARIES Mar 20-Apr 19
You’re filled with energy and charm to conquer most worlds. Even if world domination isn’t feasible, you’re clever enough to plot reasonable victories. New perspectives will help.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 13, 2011.

—  Kevin Thomas