Former Dallas drag queen profiled in the New York Times (and it's not a member of She-Dick)


I was pointed to this profile (thanks, John!) about former Dallasite, Antoine Ashley aka Sahara Davenport. Normally, we hear most of the Dallas-to-New York buzz from drag band She-Dick (or mostly SD member Candi Shell) but Ashley went and got him a piece in the Times. It doesn’t say too much about his roots in Dallas other than he went to college here but Ashley did mention Big D in his responses.

“The New York scene is so much bigger than in Dallas. In Dallas it’s just a strip. It’s like, a block,” he said.

OK, we get it but hopefully, he’ll come back for a visit. His Catwoman bit is pretty darn fun to watch. Now, if only someone could tell me what an “ambience girl” is.изготовление сайтов в москветовары на реализацию

—  Rich Lopez

Dan Paul Roberts publishes 'Galactic Tranny' graphic novel


Speaking of comic books, Dan Paul Roberts alerted me to the fact that his work in progress is now official. “Galactic Tranny” introduces former Dallas drag band, She-Dick, to the comic book universe. It can be found here available for download or as an actual hold-in-your-hand book. The item description is classic.

The pop sensations who are also Female Private Detectives are now Galactic Mistresses of Power in their very own graphic novel!! The Ladies of She-Dick (Candi Shell, Carrie Cash and Teresa Nasty) seem to have met by chance, but their shared destiny is nothing if not cosmic–and of epic proportions!! Experience She-Dick’s space adventure firsthand. Meet Galactica, Rock Starborne and the evil Madame Tranny. Find out how She-Dick came to be the wildly successful New York singing group they are today, and discover the source of their unearthly abilities.

Roberts aka Candi Shell both wrote and illustrated the book. Add those jobs to his resume that already includes singer, songwriter, painter and drag queen. Perhaps he just had too much talent for Dallas that only New York could handle it all.

—  Rich Lopez