No Gilt-Free Shopping When You’re In Bed With Target: Spenders Revolt Against Designer Sale Site

Is everything Target touches turning to garbage? Already facing the wrath of America's gays, the retailer's disease is spreading to other companies teaming up with it. Just this week we saw protesters outside Andre Balzas' Standard Hotel in New York City, which was hosting Target's "kaleidoscope" fall fashion preview, furious over the corporate dollars flowing to Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Now they're sinking their fangs into the designer sale site Gilt.


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—  John Wright

Another Target protest video

“Good afternoon, Target shoppers. When shopping at Target, know that your money is fueling hate and discrimination. Today’s bigot special: Two-ply toilet tissue, because when you’re full of shit like Target is, you need something to wipe with.”

Watch how angry the store managers look when they kick out the protesters! When’s someone going to make one of these in Dallas?

Via ngblog.

—  John Wright

Query • 08.06.10

Are you boycotting Target?


Jason Tarin — “I’m a little torn because companies do things like this all the time. I love Target, but I’m holding off shopping there to see how they handle this.”

Mandy Love — “Absolutely.”

Cindy Noble Cole — “Yes I am … and so is my daughter.”

Terry Don — “We need to look at the total picture and not this single incident.”

Rachel Dee Thomas — “Target and Best Buy must be heartless.”

Liz Cappon — “No, if I boycotted every retail outlet that donated to political causes I don’t agree with, I would have nowhere to shop.”

James Floyd Overstreet — “Fortunately I live in a country where we don’t have Target, but when I visit the U.S.A. in September, I’ll do my shopping somewhereelse. I never was a big Target fan anyway.”


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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 6, 2010.

—  Kevin Thomas